Creaking, crackling adventure


Can’t have a day off without some sense of adventure, and lately, that’s been anything, anything at all, that is even remotely out of the ordinary. The sun was shining through the window perfectly, and as it filtered through the leaves of the philodendron, it warmed the room. It’s hot outside, but cool in, and completely enjoyable. It’s all a matter of angles, so the adventure came when I decided to climb up on a chair to shoot down. For me, that is an adventure and a whole new way of viewing things since I’m pretty short.

“Errr, roop,” Hiro said. I looked down to see him looking up at me with a look in his eyes that said, “Are you crazy? What are you doing up there? Come down from there before you fall down!” His ears went back then up in rapid succession; his tail wagging so fast that it was barely a blur. He insisted, and I complied. The audible creaking and crackling of my joints as I slowly lowered back down to the floor made me realize that Hiro was probably right. What was I thinking?


Angles. It’s all in the angles. So, I got down on the floor. It’s another new way of looking at things. I’m short, but not that short to call this perspective a normal or usual one. But, while Hiro was wagging away and crawling all over me, Jiggs and Saki barely took interest. Nor could I wake them up enough to come to me. Any other time, they’d be moving so fast that taking any sort of decent photo would be impossible, but not this time. Jigs barely cracked an eye to see what I wanted. Nope. It wasn’t worth moving for.


Saki cracked both eyes open, but he wasn’t going to move either. His belly was on the cool tile, and that is where he was going to stay. Party poopers! The adventure, miniscule as it was, ended with a splat. I felt that splat as my joints creaked and crackled when I got up off the floor. So, the adventure became one of rising and lowering, not getting the perfect angle for a good shot.

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