We are all the same


OK, people. It’s time to dust those cobwebs out of your heads and think with me a bit here. I challenge you. I dare you. If you’re not up to it, just click on by and we’ll catch you later. OK?

Democrat, Republican, tea partier. Black, white, yellow, red, all of the above, none of the above. Young, old, young acting, old acting. Rich, poor, wish-you-were-rich, somewhere in the middle. Christian, Buddhist, Hindi, whatever.

Every single one of us, right here and right now, satisfies the biological definition of life: We eat, drink, breathe, reproduce and make waste, sometimes from both ends. We all have red blood, we all require oxygen and water, we all sleep, we all fart, and we all have needs and wants. There is not a single human being on this planet - that is alive - that does not fall into the same category.

No, we are not all alike. But, it’s not that we are different. No. It’s that we are all unique. We are all representatives of “human being.” We all think in our own way, feel in our own way, learn, speak, believe, not believe, sleep, breathe, fart, need, want… We are all the same in that we are all unique.

There is no one person that is any better – or any worse – than another person. No way! There is no possession that changes that fact. In fact, there is nothing material that changes the status quo. We are all unique human beings, and that is all. We are all born stark naked, we all live, and then we all die. That’s the way it is. That will never change.

This is all basic. It’s cut and dry, plain and simple. For that reason, it shouldn’t even have to be said!  But, it does, and right now, I’m screaming it out at the top of my lungs. What, not you? You think everyone is equal? Yeah? Are you sure?

That homeless man on the street reaching out a dirty hand for some spare change. That wasn’t you that curled your nose and scurried away?

That skinny Mexican woman with a few young children walking down the street. That wasn’t you that said “damn, another one” as you drove by?

That conservative/liberal on TV. That wasn’t you that barely stopped yourself from throwing the remote to shut him/her up?

That black man driving by in a new Mercedes. That wasn’t you who said, “drug dealer extraordinaire?”

How about the man that talks funny, has a few teeth missing, or that both eyes don’t point the same way?

How about the really fat couple at the buffet filling up their plates? How about the young mother talking on her cell phone while her 5 young kids run wild in the grocery store? How about the woman that pays for her groceries with food stamps? How about the politician, the policeman, the garbage man, the grave digger, the lawyer, the bill collector or the janitor?

We are all uniquely the human. We are all born, live, then die.

We are all the same.
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