Shut up about it!


The ranting and raving is enough to curl perfectly straight hair. On and on and on it goes, the endless, self-righteous prattle about this or that or the other thing. What is painfully obvious is that all this noise is nothing more than the whines of the weak minded and power hungry. To all of the lip flappers, I say, “Shut up!”

Just shut up about it. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

You can’t possibly know what it’s like right now to be unemployed after the factory who worked at most of his adult life closes down to move production to Mexico. So it happened a year and a half ago, so what? That doesn’t mean that the unemployed can turn right around and find someplace else to work. Do you know what those unemployed workers are facing? Do you know what it feels like to suddenly find perfected skills obsolete and unneeded? Do you know what it feels like to fear the future?

That’s right, you don’t. So just shut up about the unemployed. You seem to think it’s more important to rant about giving the rich those extended tax breaks instead of thinking about whether your neighbor can keep his house and feed his children. 

Do you know what it’s like to suck it up and sign up for food stamps? Do you? I didn’t think so, so shut up about it. What choice is there? Limited income coming to a screaming halt because Congress is now debating those tax breaks for the rich instead of extending unemployment to the steady percentage of the population that is unemployed. A few dollars for food, but no way to pay the mortgage or rent. Can you relate to that? No?

That problem is solved, right? You say, “go get a job.” Sure thing, boss. What job? Where? Just shut up! Instead, tell your buddies posting record profits to quit sitting on their hoarded money and start investing and growing and hiring. It’s that tax break they’re waiting on, right? No? You’re right. I don’t know what I’m talking about, so I’ll just shut up about it.

Do you know what it’s like to be gay, to be a woman faced with contemplating abortion, a smoker, a black/yellow/red person, Jewish, Muslim, Iraqi, female, short, fat, scraping the lower end of the poverty level…? No? Then, shut up!

The bottom line is that you have no right to say a damned thing about what someone else does!

Not a single one of the things you rant and rave about, not a single one of these supposed “issues", have a bit of a thing to do with you. It does not affect your life. It does not affect your income, your ability to feed, clothe and house your family. It does not affect your right to do what you want to do or the way that you want to live your life.

So, unless someone died and made you God, shut up!

Maybe if you minded your own business, these issues would disappear. Yes, they would. No lip service means no issue. So just shut up about it already. As John Lennon said, “Let it be.”
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