2010 in review…or not


It started a few weeks ago, back in the beginning of December. Slow at first, only a few articles or blurbs here and there, gaining in momentum as the month wore on. It’s tough to compete with Christmas and all its consumeristic glory and brouhaha, but now, this last week of the month, it has taken over. You’ll even find apologies for it here and there, using the lack of other news as the excuse. Neither here nor there, it’s a trend, it’s a given, it fills the holes left by the incessant Christmas carols and rants about how much people are spending. Yes, it’s Year In Review time, and nothing is going to rock that boat, no matter what. So, what the heck, I’ll submit to the trend of the day. And, why not? It’s an easy topic to tackle:

2010 in review: it was great and it sucked.

Boy, did it ever suck. The year flicked me around at the end of its whipping tail until it finally flung me loose with a major splat.

Boy, was it ever great. Eyes wide open, I rode that wild and wooly tale into its final chapter and met that brick wall head on.

That’s it in a nutshell. The result is so complete that there ain’t no sense in looking back at all the particulars of the year. No, that would just be a bunch of hot air with little meaning. And it seems that chronicling it all would cement all the bad and dilute all the good.  The lessons were learned while they happened; and if not, then I’m sure Karma will serve it all up again for another try. The stream of time lacks an end-of-year marker, we just choose to lift our leg and mark the spot ourselves, so the pendulum continues to swing uninterrupted.

So, I choose to continue riding the upward swing. Let 2011 come, bring it on, ‘cause I’m on a roll.

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