Breaking down the door of cabin fever


D’ya think it will ever melt?

I ask the same question every year. It’s cabin fever deluxe. It’s limbo. It’s waiting in the check-out line at Walmart. Will it ever melt? Sure it will. But it’s still limbo. Harrumph. I get antsy, impatient, sick of stuck. The choices are clear: sit and moan, or do something.

So, I did. I sat and moaned awhile. It seems a necessary thing to do, just to put things in perspective. That cloudy, gray perspective is dull and boring and draining. It’s not a nice place to be. The next step is, do something, which I did. Dull and boring is a pretty safe place to be, so doing something takes some courage.

What did I do? I applied for a new job.

I blew the interview, hands down. I kicked myself black and blue for days. To my surprise, I was offered the job anyway. I accepted.

Here’s where the limbo comes in. The hiring packet had to be about 100 pages to be signed, stamped and delivered. Not one, but three different background checks have to be ran, and then the inevitable drug test follows. When that is all said and done, then I will have my state ID made. I should be used to all this red tape, having worked in military, county, state and federal jobs before, but it seems I am not. I’m as squeaky-clean as they come, but I’m still a bundle of nerves waiting for the results to come in saying I’m as squeaky-clean as I think I am.

Red tape aside, I am looking forward to digging in. There’s lots to learn and skills to dust off and sharpen up to be put into use again. This job will require everything I have in my arsenal, and the demands will be enormous, though not unexpected. I’m well equipped and ready to roll.

Right now, today, I am still stuck in the mud. But, I knocked on cabin fever’s door hard enough to break through. Tomorrow can’t get here soon enough!
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