I hate that you hate so much


“Why do blogs dedicated to hating a person get hundreds of comments supporting that hatred and blogs that entertain, uplift and share life get so few?”

Someone asked the question, out loud and with palpable pain. It is a good question, and one that has been festering at the back of my mind for a few years now. Is it really only hatred, ugliness, negativity and rancor that draws readers in? I wonder.

I wonder, too, how all of America can sit and watch all the riots and demonstrations going on in the Middle East and not do the same. The conditions fought against there are the same in existence here. We are raped, plundered, pillaged every waking moment of the day, day after day, albeit covertly. Either that or we are still so convinced that there is such a thing as the American Dream that we refuse to see it. Are we all so blind? The people in Wisconsin are standing up, yet they are standing up alone, fighting a battle they have no chance of winning. Why? Even though they outnumber their foe 1,000 to 1, they will still fold because that 1 holds the key to their ability to feed their family and make their house payment. They are fighting for rights instead of control.

The rest of us, why we just sit and watch it all unfold. We don’t have the backbone, the intestinal fortitude, to stand up against this continual downward spiral. We are a bunch of cowards. We let the privileged few get away with murder, untouchable as they sit high on their horse, and we do nothing but passively sit there and take it. We question why people would allow themselves to fall under extreme Islam or Shari 'a rule, yet we are doing the same thing!

So, who do we hate? We hate liberals….and conservatives. We hate Obama for a list of reasons…so we voted him into office. We hate black people and white people. We hate illegal immigrants, pro-lifers and pro-choicers. We hate the religious and the atheists. We hate them because they take our jobs yet we send our jobs overseas. We hate and hate and hate and that hate builds every day so that it is a festering, seeping sore. It is so easy to hate. It’s what everyone else is doing. It’s infectious, contagious and rampant, the fires fanned by a media stuffed deep in the pockets of the rulers, the privileged.

We must hate each other. We must hate each other at all costs. That is what the existing power structure thrives on. If we didn’t hate each other, we would get together and talk and realize that we were hating for reasons that are nothing but lies. Once realized, the privileged would no longer be able to rule!
So, hate away. Go ahead. It is an ugly, destructive way to live, but hey, you’re just going along with everybody else. You are sheep, and we all know that sheep can’t think for themselves, can’t figure out that hate is not the way to live.

We’ll all just sit back and watch gas prices go through the roof and out of our ability to pay. We’ll all lose our jobs because we can’t afford to get to work every day. We’ll lose our homes and we won’t be able to feed our kids because we can’t afford to put gas in the car and buy groceries too.

Yeah, we’ll just sit back and watch as the whole world heads to ruin, but it will only be our world, not the rich and privileged who will struggle to survive. We outnumber them 1,000,000,000,000 to 1, but they control us from on high. We’ll just hate each other instead. That’s so much easier than thinking and figuring it out for ourselves.

Hate and hate some more. It will all have to end sooner or later, so there might as well be fewer mouths to feed in the end. Keep on hating. It’s what makes the world go ‘round.

While you’re busy hating, being drawn into hate, spreading hate, I’ll just sit here and continue to write uplifting, life-affirming things until you come around. Sooner or later you will, and then you too will start to live. At that point, the American Dream will become ours again and possible anew.
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