Spilling the beans about dust and fire


Who would’ve thought that setting the feather duster next to a candle given to me atop a stereo speaker could end up so meaningful? Dust off the ol’ skills good before lighting the fire and broadcasting it loudly. It is a Bose speaker after all. Notice the seal still on and the wick uncharred? So far, it’s almost-but-not-quite happening.

Back in January, I took a leap and interviewed for, was offered and accepted a position as a child abuse investigator. Since I had previous experience in casework, I knew what I was getting into and started to wrap my mind around returning to a highly stressful, very demanding job. Just like any other state job, the hiring process was long and drawn out.

But this time, that long and drawn out process didn’t complete before the gallows on spending sliced down to freeze all hiring. I got the job and lost it, just like that. Thankfully, I’d be moving from one state job to another, so I hadn’t put in my notice and still have a job. Pure luck. July is now the magic month, but it’s uncertain whether I will have to go through the whole hiring process again. (I won’t go into how badly that open position needs to be filled by me or anyone else for that matter. That would just set off another rant about politics.) That candle stays unlit.

Living in town and only a few blocks from work, I hadn’t had much use for a car since sharing Tim’s car covered the grocery store runs and the trips out to see Odin just fine. But, my wings were clipped, a reality that hit home hard as soon as spring sprung. As great as it was not having the huge expense of a second car, it got on my nerves. I had to get something, anything.

So I headed to that “anything” sort of car lot here in town. I talked to the man, probably drove him nuts, told him what I needed and told him I wanted a Honda. “Oh, no. I don’t carry Hondas. There’s no Honda dealership in town,” he said to me. Who cares? He pointed me to an Oldsmobile and told me to drive it around the block, and that’s about all I could take, it was such a crappy car. Nothing else he had was worth looking at. “Come back Friday. I’ve got 5 cars coming in and maybe you’ll find something you want.”
I’m not particularly picky, but I either like a vehicle or I don’t. It’s that simple. Sick as a dog on Friday, I headed back over right when he was closing up. Lo and behold, there sits a Honda Accord. “You don’t want that car, it’s got problems. But, if you want it, I’ll give it to you for what I got into it.”

Saturday morning, the thought of that car burned. I waited until 9 a.m. before heading back, and it took all I had to wait that long. I drove that Honda, fell in love, wrote the check and drove that baby to the store to replace the two back tires that were literally shiny they were worn so badly. On the way there, the driver’s side power window ran off its track too. Ordinarily, that would be a bad omen, but it’s not. What the man thought was a problem is a typical Honda quirk and the car is as solid as any brand new car out there. I got me a car for less than one third of its book value, it’s paid for and it is in immaculate condition! For once, I made a Good Deal.

Oh, that car is a joy to drive. I’ve seen Odin just about every day this week. I don’t have to think twice about heading out there to see him. I just grab the keys and head out and in 7 minutes, I’m there. Suddenly, it’s not so bad living in town.

Spring fever is in full swing. I’m in my third year of working a part time job with no benefits, and except for getting hit with a major bug that required a trip to the doctor and some prescriptions last week, I’ve been pretty healthy, knock on wood. That lack of health insurance has made me a bit wary though, and far more careful. That means that I haven’t been riding Odin much at all. Out of the blue, or maybe it’s karma, a salesman showed up at the office the other day selling supplemental heart, cancer and accident insurance. For $15 a month, if I have an accident, I am now covered! If I happen to take a splat, the ambulance, ER, and time lost will be paid for. Look out Odin, here I come!

Yeah, I have Spring Fever, and there’s a few more things cooking, but not quite done. For right now, I’m glad I only work 4 days a week as it gives me more time to dust things off to get ready to light that fire.
In the meantime, it’s time for that feather duster to do it’s thing around the house.
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