Trying not to think about the heat


Relief. The breeze coming off the pond this morning felt good against my sweat-damp skin. The sight of the calm beauty felt good to my soul. I wished for the relief of a cool breeze.

I had set out to ride Odin this morning. I left the house a little before 8:00 with the saddle in the back seat of the car. Already in the high 80’s and humid, by the time I got there, I knew I wouldn’t ride. The sun was already harshly burning, the air too still to be fresh, and the heat waves were already rising.

The high pressure system came early this year and is staying stuck with a vengeance. No rain. No break from the heat. And, no way I can tolerate much more than an hour outside. Instead of riding, I stood in Odin’s shadow enjoying his company, swatting flies while he munched the grass. The heat index was over 100 degrees and I felt a little faint while I drove back home. I gulped a half gallon of water and fell into bed, thankful for the air conditioning.

I’m not going to think. I’m not going to think about how this heat limits what I can do. I’m not going to think about how we are all hiding inside and away from the ruthless sun. I’m not going to think about how this heat could last until the end of November.

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