Rainy Sunday


On Flikr, the most often used camera is the iPhone.

After showing you all the photos of Heber Springs taken with my iPhone4 – and becoming used to seeing that quality of photo – I decided to dig my ‘real’ camera out for a few shots this morning.

The difference is astounding, even on the crappy laptop I have. There is much more color capacity, which gives a great sense of depth to the photos.


But, no matter which camera, digital zoom leaves much to be desired. There is a lot of noise and speckling, and loss of color gradation. It’s time for a full DSLR with a decent zoom lens.


I have to be honest: I stood in my back door, nice and dry, and shot from there. Photo ops were limited, to say the least. Still, the detail in the raindrops in the first photo and the rust on the corrugated steel make for decent stills. Besides, these are glimpses into my little world.

What do you think? Is it worth digging out the ‘real’ camera?
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