Welcome to 2008: General Comments

January Comments, Ideas, Critiques

First of all, Happy New Year! I'd like to welcome you and thank you for reading!

I'd also like to invite your input on what you see here. Would you like a post about something in particular? What is most helpful to you? Have you found what you are looking for? I'll include a comment area like this every month.

If you click on the title of each post, it will take you to a separate page that includes the article and all the comments. It seems easier to find where to leave your comment that way.

Again, welcome and thank you!


  1. Hey T,
    I'm so glad to find you again! I was so happy to find out that you got out of NY. You always talked about leaving and I'mproud of you for doing what you said you were going to do. I hope all if well with you and Tim. Do you hear much from from anyone else from NY?
    I've been reading your blog and find it very interesting. Life is good.
    Talk with you soon, Jess

  2. Hi Jess!

    I am so glad you found me again too!! It wasn't hard at all to leave NY as so many people have done. Most of my friends are spread all over the US now. You are one of them! I do hear from the few left in NY though. Some have found the blog here, but haven't spoken up yet. I hope they do!

    Tim and I are both doing well. It's nice here in Arkansas!

    Glad you like the blog, Jess. I hope you check back often - I try to post every day if I can.

    Keep in touch!