Get Oraganized in 2008

I generally don't make New Year resolutions, and one of my excuses for not doing so is that I have a tough time getting organized. Now that computers and the Internet are such a large part of my life, you'd think I would have it together by now. But (isn't there always a "but"?), I use Outlook at home, read my email online away from home, have yet another calendar and messaging on my cell phone, and someone just gave me a PDA! Unless all this can be synchronized, it's worthless to me.

Completely by accident, I stumbled on Airset. I'm not one to recommend products, but I love this one. This one has all the available applications and features (including synchronize with Outlook calendar and contacts) that you need to get organized and more, much more, all in one place. And it's free!

Airset's power is its "group" foundation. (My main page is a 'group' of one, me.) Along the top are tabs for each of the groups I created. I have one called "Family" and I invited my son to join it. He joined by creating his own Airset account that shows his personal main page and the group "Families" that I created. I now can share with him via the "Families" group anything I have in my personal group, and visa versa. Contacts, calendar events, to-do lists, links, photos, music, files, blog - anything I can think of. The messaging feature allows you to send messages to any member of any group or all the members at once. Airset emails me my schedule every day, and it even includes the weather forecast. If I am still unorganized, it's not Airset's fault!

I created another group called "Site Projects" and invited a client I did two Web sites for. This gives her an invaluable tool to upload new photos and content for the sites and enter into the calendar when she needs them done. She can also use the To-Do list, set a due date, and Airset will remind me daily what I need to do. When it's done, I check it off, and that's it! If you want to create a public group, there is an option to create a Web page that can include a "join now" with a complete group description.

The best part of Airset is that there are no ads besides Airset tips. I get a ton of spam email and see more than enough ads online and on TV, so this is a nice, nice caveat. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Let me know what you think! airset.com


  1. Can you find me a free personal organizer that will come to my house and organize it?

  2. Sure, Jess! I'll send you the one coming here to do mine after he's done here. Will that work for you?

    No, but seriously, Airset is great.


  3. This just came today:

    What's new from AirSet?

    Easier File Uploads
    We appreciate you using AirSet to share information, photos, and music with other people in your life. In this release we've made it easier than ever to upload files to your AirSet Wiki, Albums, or Playlists. Our new file uploader lets you browse and upload multiple files at once. When uploading pictures, you can choose to have your photos automatically sized for the web--making them faster to upload and display.

    Great Contact Printouts
    We identify with your need to sometimes print. After all, we don't live in a completely paperless world. We have had a lot of requests for printing support in Contacts. Now, you'll find a print option under the File menu in this release.

    New Wiki Tools
    We get that you may want to take advantage of other gadgets and services on the Internet. We developed a really cool new feature that lets you embed gadgets from anywhere on the internet into your AirSet Website or Wiki. For example you can put an RSS reader from Google gadgets in a Wiki; or a local weather gadget on your Website. We also have another new feature that makes it easy to embed an AirSet Blog thread on your AirSet hosted group websites.

    Improved User Interface
    We understand that with your busy lifestyle as a group organizer, you can use all the help we can provide. So we are working hard to make group administration faster and easier. In this release a new Administration icon in the left toolbar provides one click access to the most common group administration functions. All of your personal account preferences are now organized under the My Account icon in the left toolbar.

    Domain Name Mapping
    We heard from a number of users that you would like to use your own domain name with an AirSet hosted Website. In this release you can map your domain name to one of your AirSet group websites. For example, if you own a domain name for your baby-sitting service, you can now have that domain name link to a website you design in AirSet.

    Visit AirSet at www.airset.com

    Finally, we want to thank you for being our loyal user. If you haven't visited us in a while, come check us out again--we might have developed a few new things that are just what you need.

    --The AirSet Team

    AirSet. Your whole life, organized