Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

It appears that someone came out with a bunch of numbers that are aimed at debunking the NY Times study on returning Soldiers. I was told about this, so I don't have source links. It seems that statistically, Soldiers are far less likely to be involved in crime than the general population. This does not surprise me at all, but what infuriated me about the overall tone of the presentation of these statistics was that it belittled the very real and great need for PTSD awareness and treatment. There is no way that a year in theater is not an experience that is traumatizing and life changing! Do not minimize the incomprehensible sacrifice of our Soldiers!

Since I'm already blowing a fuse, let me continue..

While our Soldiers are in Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq protecting the oil interests of a select few, our industrious leader is in Saudi Arabia, an outright monarchy, not promoting the spread of "democracy" but kicking back and enjoying the outrageous wealth of greed incarnate. In the process, our industrious leader is providing them with high-end weapon technology. What is he thinking? Greed is only loyal to money and right now, the US is struggling in that department. The whole world knows this, it's all over the news, and it's only a matter of time before we can no longer be the benefactor of the gaudy, excessive wealth of Saudi Arabia's ruler! Then, the loyalty will switch to whoever steps in where the US left off and those weapons will be aimed at us if we dare to make a peep about it.

How long are we going to continue living with our heads in the sand? This is not free enterprise, and sorry Charlie, the Trickle Down theory stopped flowing long ago. This is not trade; it is exploitation of the many for the few. It is all backward!

But hey, you are sleeping, you don't want to be bothered. You don't want to get involved. You don't want to risk anything. You would rather our Soldiers, our Soldiers that are led to believe that they are protecting you and "democracy," take all the risks for you then sweep them under a rug when they return. You would rather leave the responsibility for your life in the hands of politicians who are only working for the few, not you!

It is so much easier to let sleeping dogs lie.


  1. The piece did not "attempt" to debunk the article IT DID! No two ways about it and MATH is the hard truth of the matter like it or not. I find it disturbing that the NYT would put out such a shit piece and make it look as though soldiers are a murderous bunch of psychos walking our streets after having been in theather when the fact is nothing is further from the truth. The numbers prove that soldiers are FAR less likely to commit murder than the general population. This fact does in no way take away from PTSS or its real effect on returning soldiers. All it does is PROVE that suffering from PTSS or not, a soldier is FAR less likely to commit murder than a civillian. What pissed me off about the whole thing is that the NYT had in effect added fuel to the fire for the true psycho loony left freaks that protest at soldiers funerals and what not to some more crap to spread. No doubt they will. They will run with such garabage as if its proven fact. Soldiers dont need bad phony press on top of everything else. Now THAT should infuriate you. hrslady

  2. That is a good point. To harrass the families of Soldier's is the most inhumane thing I've ever heard of. I can't imagine what it must be like to have your worst fears realized, then have a bunch of crazies add to that grief and stress by staging protests!

    Another article this past week was about returning Soldiers' homelessness, following right in the footsteps of Viet Nam vets.

    What kind of thanks is that?