The Other Addition: A Camera

Hero and Saki are such a joy to me, despite the piles and puddles they leave behind. These two little bundles of joy have filled the house in a way only animals can. I find it amazing that they seem to have changed my perspective in a way that I can't yet quite articulate. In a slightly different way, potted plants bring more of life inside, and having this one on the corner of my desk reminds me of that life, even when it's dark outside my window. I wax poetic.

I did some research on the latest digital cameras, and decided that the Canon Powershot S5 IS is the camera for me. To continue my poetic waxing, this camera seems to be exactly what I needed to round out (or top off) my creativity. There's quite a bit more to this camera than the usual point-and-shoot, and it is going to take me awhile to learn.

This photo is a nice surprise. My office plant stays quite still, unlike the puppies, and has been the subject of my learning as a result. As always, I took the photo into Photoshop for the usual round of adjustments I always seem to have to make, and found I didn't have to do anything besides crop, resize and compress. Unfortunately, I have no idea what I did to take this photo! Beginner's luck.

Ah, the joy of a creative outlet!


  1. Puppies bring love into house which only a non-talking frind can do. They love you exactly the way you are without any questions asked.

  2. I agree. It's almost instantaneous too, how quickly they began to run to me for attention and loving!

    Glad to see you back, Jess!