Pet Peeves II

My purpose of writing is to make this a better world, one person at a time. Is that lofty or grandiose? It may sound that way at first, but I believe that if I can make things better for one person, I haven't lived in vain. So, on that note, I'm going to blast away at a few things that I feel get in the way of this lofty, grandiose goal.

What has gotten under my skin lately is this thing of political correctness. Specifically, if a non-white person is involved in anything, it becomes an issue of race. Has everyone forgotten the history of America? It's not that long of a history, just over 200 years, so it shouldn't be that difficult to remember that every person that now is an American has ancestors that called some other country home. Except for Native Americans (which I grew up calling "Indians"), this is probably a fact. Is it too much of a stretch to say that, if you were born in the U.S of A., you are an American, same as all the other Americans? Can't there just be one race?

Born during the Industrial Age, I remember that all the technological advances in manufacturing were supposed to free humanity - free up our time, work less, learn more, evolve more, etc. Now that we're in the Information Age (if that's what we're calling it now), there are more and more technological advances at breakneck speeds of advancement and adoption, yet we are less free, work more, learn less and we've regressed in development. When is it that we will no longer find it necessary to kill each other over differences of opinion? When will we stop thinking that color of skin, age, creed, religion, gender, attractiveness, height and weight are attributes of worth and value?

Speaking of gender, what can a man possibly have that I don't that automatically makes him more valuable and worthy? I don't walk around thinking that I am a female, therefore I can and can't do this or that. I am a person, period. Humanity has come eons past the point of physical strength as a necessity for survival, and the only time that comes into play in the 21st century is when a man is dominating or abusing a woman. Why is it a woman's fault when she becomes pregnant? Why isn't the other half of that tango just as responsible for the child - for at least 18 years? Why is it more difficult to get child support out of a father than it is to get that 'little donation' in the first place?

Then there's this thing about immigration. This wouldn't even be an issue if it weren't for an invisible line between Mexico and the US. Suppose that one day in the not too distant future, the borders we close now to prevent more competition for few jobs become prison bars that we cannot break through to escape the third world country that business creates. What then? This isn't the first time this card has been played. Don't you remember how we resented the Chinese, the Italians, the Polish and the Irish for coming to the US and taking our jobs? Was that true? It wasn't then, and it isn't now. This dissension keeps us separate from each other so that we won't get together and discuss how things can be better for all of us, not just the few. As long as we hate each other, it's business as usual.

What in the world are kids learning in school these days? It not the English language, based on the way that kids spell and construct sentences on blogs, text messages, emails or instant messages. The greatest power we have, the Internet and the ability to communicate with many, is frivolously thrown away. If there is a message in the drivel they call writing, I don't understand it. Just like brushing your hair and teeth are signs of your sense of self-worth, so is how you present yourself in writing. Learn the language and communicate your value. You are valuable!

That's my list of pet peeves for today. Tomorrow, I'll think of more.


  1. Pet Peeves ya say? Well......one of mine is the loss of our American culture trying to love and accept everybody and THEIR ways.
    I want our borders closed, I want immigration controlled. YESTERDAY! I dont want to live in the United States of Mexico.
    It has nothing at all to do with race. I dont care one iota about skin color. Aliens could be the green kind from outer space and if they did not invade my country with the goal of "fitting in" and adopting our morals, ethics, and values then I DO have a problem with even those GREEN Aliens.
    Lets imagine these green aliens eat pet dogs as a delicacy. That they Impregnate only married human women to give birth to their alien offspring. Fly the flag of Jupiter all over the earth and on top of each countrys flags just to make a statement about their true intent.
    What if they publically gathered together in mass to shout "DIE all humans! we are going to own your planet through our love of impregnating your wives with our Alien offspring" ??????????????
    You can bet that a good portion of the worlds countrys and people would put up a whale of a fight, but Good ole polictically correct US of A ? I dunno. You can bet a Ted Kennedy type would be whistling an Alien anthem on TV somewhere.
    What we are losing is our culture as we know it. Already I have to read signs everywhere in Spanish. Soon we will be a minority and when we are we will be controlled by elected officals of foriegn descent, and living by their laws molded by their culture.
    I bet you just cant wait to go to a legal horse tripping or dog fight, and what about SUPER corrupt police? that will be a blast dont you think? how about your daughters legally married off at 12 or 14 as grown women? Extortion as a fact and way of life? Certain cultures think nothing of it.
    The fact is that there are major differences in our culture and others. We fought for 200 years to get to where we are, and it looks like we are going to give it all away for the sake of being "politically correct"
    While its one thing to respect peoples cultural differences, its quite another to be forced to adopt and live by them. The Japaneese after WW-2 claimed they were going to take the United States "from within" All I can say is they had better hurry up or the Mexicans are going to beat them to it.
    All while we worry about whether we offended anyone by wanting to preserve OUR culture.

  2. I can't speak for the green aliens from Jupiter. I suppose you could be right - our culture hasn't led us to believe anything other than alien life forms are dangerous to us and our way of life. That is so ingrained in us that we're far more likely to shoot first and ask questions later should any dare venture to our planet. That will be a sad day indeed.

    As for the people from Mexico coming here, I can understand your fears. Again, these are things that we're pretty well programmed to believe.

    I also believe that the people from Mexico risk life and limb to make it here for a chance at a better life. They feel so strongly about leaving Mexico that the risk is worth it. Instead of attacking them, perhaps it would be beneficial to research why they feel they have no chance at a life in Mexico and work the 'problem' from that angle. Mexico isn't sending in armies or terrorists to take over the US. Some of the people want to leave there and come here to experience this American Dream, that's all.

    My complaint with the whole immigration issue is that these people are manipulated into giving up what little money they have to runners to get here. They should be granted assylum (is that the right word?) and an application for a green card as soon as they cross the border. Let the process go down legally for those wishing for a life. Instead, they leave the frying pan to jump into the fire.

    What I do not like one bit are the businesses that pay illegal immigrants a pittance and make it impossible to live any other life than the one they left behind. Sweat shops are still a reality with conditions so poor that you wouldn't dare step inside for fear you'd never get back out. Their ability to become "legal" is cut off before they even have a chance to try. If we want to control this situation, the we have to control it. Once again, it has gone on for a very long time and is an easy profit maker, so I really don't see it changing.

    English is considered a universal language. Many countries teach English as a second language in their schools, even Cuba. But, we do not. By the time our children are introduced to another language, they are well past the age of language aquisition and have a very difficult time trying to learn it.

    Since our own companies and manufacturing and businesses have moved out of the country to avoid our taxes, our wages and our environmental restrictions to exploit other countries, much of what exists here in terms of businesses are already owned by other countries. The IT companies like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and an almost defunct AOL are the most notable American companies left, and it would be interesting to see the list of their shareholders and those with enough for control. Even so, I can't say with certainty that all their operations are US based. It's a common trend to move support departments to India.

    I don't have the answer. I can only guess just like the rest of us what is and isn't true. We can only try to step back as far as we can to get a glimpse of the Big Picture. That's the only way we can clarify what our real problems are and find solutions to them.

  3. Great blog post Theresa. I think people forget that California (among other states), the richest state we have used to be part of Mexico.

    If some people in this country weren't so lazy then Mexicans wouldn't have the jobs they supposedly so desperately want. Most Mexicans have a better work ethic, better family values, and better cuisine than most of us "Americans". So instead of keeping them out of our Country that we stole from the Native Americans (Same blood lines as Mexicans right?), we should find a way to legally embrace them. They can teach us "Americans" a thing or two about life.

    I am a third generation American, does that make me better than an immigrant or a non American?

    As for the word race, I never liked it when it separates people. The word race to me implies a winner and a loser. I prefer the word "nationality" I like to think of race as one, human.

    Those are just my opinions however strong they may be.


  4. I have never thought about the word "race" in that way, though you're right - what pops into my head is the Kentucky Derby.

    I don't think Americans are lazy. Capitalism has always flourished because by its nature, it creates an "available work force." In other words, capitalists profit most where there are always people who are unemployed and want to work. There are two factors in the manufacturing process that stay the sticking points: the cost of raw materials, and the cost of the necessary labor to produce the product. The raw materials go up and down with their market, but labor is more or less a steady cost. In order to make a profit, what used to be the norm was to mark up the end retail price of the product about 40% above cost. In our heyday, that was ok because the market for most manufactured products were huge and it was more a scramble to meet demand than it was anything else. Then in walks distributors, middle men with their hand in the pie, and retail price goes up even further. Still, we're ok because our consumers are making enough money to afford the products they make at work.

    All is fine and dandy until the market is saturated and sales drop. Trust me, the rising trend in divorce rates mean more consumer sales, and that held out for awhile. Exporting is another market, which we do far less than we import (another leg in the tangle).

    So, manufacturing sees a drop in demand and starts scrambling to cut the costs of production. Once the unions are out of the way, that happens. No more job stability, and factories are able to hire new blood in the form of immigrants at a fraction of the hourly wage. Well, somehow, that doesn't net a rise in retail sales, and they can't figure out that the reason for this is that there are fewer people that can afford that product now.

    So, once again, looking to cut one of the primary costs of manufacturing, they move it to third world countries like Mexico where not only do they not have to worry about environmental controls, they pay the workers PER WEEK what they paid US workers an hour. Now, their profits are soaring, even though their market continues to shrink.

    Workers are just a commodity, nothing more. They are a cost. It is not the majority of the American people who have caused this scenario, but the capitalists. 10% of the populations holds 90% of the wealth/money in this country. 90% are slaves to 10%.

    The other point is that the reported unemployment rate does not include those who's benefits have run out. It doesn't include the homeless. And the percentage is based on the census count, the last one done in 2000. So, what happens to the people who no longer have money coming in and can't find work? They become homeless and drop off the face of the earth.

    My grandfather came here from Poland to work for Endicott-Johnson Shoes. They have since shut their manufacturing here, and going through those abandoned buildings, I can tell you for sure that it was nothing more than a sweat shop. He barely spoke English, and at the time, there was a Polish school that taught immigrant children in Polish and English. The school didn't last long before being absorbed by the public school system. My father refused to teach me Polish. He insisted that we were American and we will speak nothing but English. I knew a lot of other 2nd generation immigrant kids whose parents did keep up their traditions, and they were bi-cultural. That can be a major struggle for some, while I feel as though I lost out.

    I'd have to say that I'd rather not be just a commodity, programmed from almost day 1 to be a good little commodity. I'd rather be a fully functioning, fully autonomous individual that is free to create and live to the extent of my potential.

  5. I forgot, as usual. Where are my manners?

    Thank you, both of you, for such a stimulating discussion!


  6. To the original post:
    Political Correctness is bullshit. Just about a month ago, there was a discussion on the Corey and Jay show (on 100.3) with Carlos Mencia (as a Latin-American comic who usually uses race relations as a topic of his humor) about the word "nigger," which is absolutely not allowed to be used by whites. They brought up the differences between "nigger" (racist) and "nigga" (used as a show of affection, more or less.) Now, I've never actually talked to a black person and not liked them, but I've never really wasted my time trying to talk to the "gangster rap-culture" blacks with their quasi-english gibberish. They created a culture for themselves based on excessive amounts of sex, violence, and "bling-bling." Racism exists still because of this crap - they are just throwing more fuel on the fire.

    Industrial Age vs. Information Age? Go reread 1984.

    Men vs. women? Men can't take The Pill. Men can't be the ones to get abortions. It's my personal opinion that men need to be as responsible for our wayward sperm, but really, women can take a lot more steps to avoid having kids. If you aren't willing to take the steps to avoid pregnancy, keep your pants on. Of course, rape is a possible cause, too, but rapists should be executed anyways, so the rest of the male population shouldn't be judged based on that.

    Since the remodel at Walmart started, I've had the, um, opportunity to work alongside some Mexican immigrants, and I can say I actually side with the border-closers. In my eyes, the Mexicans are rude. They don't even speak English unless they're talking to someone who doesn't speak Spanish. Anyone who tries to run a business will cut costs where ever they can, which means paying employees as little as possible, and as long as the Mexicans are coming in who're willing to work for less than what someone born in America is, the jobs will go to them and there's nothing anyone can say about it.

    Part of the bad English is merely a form of internet shorthand, which is somewhat necessary for people who can't type fast. Part of it is "leet speek" or "1337 5p33k," which is a culture thing. And yes, part of it is downright illiteracy. People who're trying to be respected should use proper English, but the rest is tolerable. And, as a player of online games, I'd like to make a quote here: "If you use 'plz' because it's shorter than 'please', I'll use 'no' because it's shorter than 'yes'."

    To the anonymous post:
    Eating pet dogs? I'll hit the politically correct vein of this discussion and mention Chinese Restaurants. Impregnating married women? Work at Walmart for a little while and you'll realize that's not so uncommon anyways. Flying another flag? Shit, what do you thing the whole Rebel Flag thing is?

    America is supposed to be a "melting pot" of cultures, and yeah, we kinda pick up the wrong bits of cultures and leave out the good ones. We're picking up Spanish instead of the metric system, and that's actually pretty idiotic. Our reluctance to conform with the rest of the world cost the country millions of dollars because some space probe had a metric/imperial measuring error. And yeah, we are already extremely influenced by Christan Culture, which is laden with senseless restrictions, outdated stigmas, and illogical views that only existed in the first place so feudal states during the Dark Ages could say "God is on our side, so shut up and bend over." If other countries have shaken off these hypocritic chains, I'd welcome their leaders with open arms.

    When I hear the word "police", the first word that pops into my head is "corrupt" anyways. Dog fights and extortion are happening in America now. Screw other cultures, it's been part of our own "criminal underground" for years and years.

    And no, the Japanese aren't going to take over our culture from within. We're too stupid for it. I'd just like to mention since World War II, the Japanese have had no standing military at all, and it was probably the best thing that ever happened to them. Tokyo is the most densely populated city in the world, and it's so safe that the police there don't even carry sidearms.

    To deanna's post:
    It's not that Americans are lazy (which we are), but it's because we're too used to warm houses that aren't crowded, cellphones, TV, eating for pleasure as opposed to survival, and all the other luxuries we take for granted. Mexicans supply a workforce that is willing to work for wages that can't afford all that. Therefore, businesses pay less for the jobs that the Mexicans usually take. It's not that we're lazy, it's that we're used to a higher standard of living. I'm sure if we didn't have Mexicans, those same jobs would be paying much more, or maybe not exist at all.

    And I'm a fourth-generation American. My family wasn't here during the whole Cowboys vs. Indians fiasco. I refuse to be crucified for it just because I was born here and my skin is white.

    And I just ran out of steam, maybe I'll post more thoughts later...

  7. I think my whole point was missed in large here. Especailly Deanna. My comments were not about "race" be it human, hispanic, black, or Asian or even Alien. I want our borders closed to the current INVASION and I really could care less who is doing the invading it needs to stop. We are being taken over plain and simple. Just so happens its currently by large group of hispanics that far too many make no secret of their intent.( To take us over) and if you think that sounds like paranoid dribble I suggest that you turn on the news and listen to the rethoric of many of the hispanic leaders. Their equivalent's of Jesse Jackson. Those of you here in Arkansas would do well to take a trip to New Mexico where two of my brothers live and 58% of the population is Hispanic. Thats right, they as native born Americans are in the minority. He talkes about exactly what the other poster here mentions of Spanish being the only thing spoken and not one thought, or care of it being rude to others who dont. Ill give you a good example. I have a beautiful fairly dark skinned 14 yr old daughter. She cannot walk through our Searcy Wal-Mart without being followed (or stalked) by groups of Mexican men looking at her and making remarks in Spanish she cant understand. Of coarse they damn well know that. I can pretty well guess some of the nasty comments they are exchanging. Regardless, the real fact is that it terrorizes my daughter. Waaay too many of the hispanic people coming here expect us to assimilate THEIR ways or tough shit! They have no desire, interest, or intent to assimilate with OUR already exsisting culture (which includes our language) that OUR fathers, grandfathers, and theirs fought for. Id say to any American that thinks this is just okeydokey and we should embrace it, well...MOVE TO MEXICO and you wont even have to wait to live in your idea of utopia. Id just about guarantee that you will come back with a whole new attitude.
    Its no longer white people that are mainstreem racists these days. We are not standing on public podiums shouting death to any group, and making take over promises to our clapping gleeful masses. Nor are we accusing our Govt of manufacturing the aids virus, or giving awards to those radicals that spew such idiocy. While the vast majority of white Americans would be the first in line to deny a group like the KKK any legitimacy what so ever, this is not the case with the Hispanic groups and as we are now learning a common theme in many black churches in these what we thought were modern days.
    We had better wake up and demand the same respect from these people that they demand from us or we are going to wake up one morning to a country that we dont remotely recognise. Thats not a good thing if you believe as I do that this is the greatest country on the planet and through our politically correct BS has it headed towards the loss of that status in the world. While I welcome the Hispanic that are hard working, legal folks thats desire to come to America is to assimilate and become Hispanic Americans. Those that are fleeing from what they recognise as a corrupt and failing society to a better one, but NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, the Hispanic crooks, perverts, rapists, and crimminals that are fleeing their counrty in hopes of making ours like the one they came from. The ONLY way to ensure this is through strict immigration policy and legal entry. Once thats accomplished then we need laws ensuring that those people earn the same wages as everyone else so they too are pround to live in the United States of AMERICA and call themselves AMERICANS.

  8. I agree with feurix where he states that some people of color who use the "N" word are adding fuel to the fire of racism. Lots of suburban white kids look up to those guys and try and use the same words, and it's just not acceptable. It's not acceptable for anyone to use that derogatory word.

    But, in regard to your view of Mexicans I think you maybe need to meet some new Mexicans. Whenever I am with my Mexican or Puerto Rican friends for that matter, I have to push them to speak Spanish. Spanish is their first language, and with me they always want to speak English. I prefer to speak Spanish so that I can get more practice for myself. It's embarrassing when you are learning a new language. I accidentally say some ridiculous things sometimes in Spanish, and I am more comfortable to make attempts with my friends than with strangers.

    When the guys in Walmart are speaking Spanish, they probably aren't even speaking about you when they are talking. When a person does not understand a language the mind plays tricks they may be talking about the weather who knows!

    If you were with a group of your friends in another country, you would speak your native language amongst yourselves. Why? Because it's easier. They are not trying to be rude, if they were speaking Tagalog or something that would be different. How many white people speak that? Spanish is a common language, so why would they talk behind your back if you could possibly understand them?

    Another thing that makes me crazy is a lot of people label all Hispanics as Mexicans. People around here say this Mexican guy when he is Guatemalan, Peruvian, Dominican, or even Argentinian. They are different countries people!

    To anonymous:
    I don't want any perverts or crooks coming into our country either. We have enough of our own whack jobs right here, born and bred in the USA.

    Never forget, The USA is a melting pot. The thing that makes our country so interesting is it's diversity. What is wrong with bringing the best part of other cultures into it? I would love it if we had tea time like the Brits, long romantic dinners like the Italians, Chocolate like the Swiss, and the intelligence of the Japanese.