Am I a writer yet?

The question that is actually going through my mind is, "What do writers do on their days off?" Well, they write! I felt the same way when I was singing. I sang every day, no matter if there was a microphone in front of me or not. I feel like a writer; can I say I am one?

I got an email asking for updates on things I left hanging...

I'll get more photos of Saki and Hero soon. I just looked at the first photos I have of them, and the second ones taken just a few weeks later, and already they look like different dogs again.

I was asked how many animals I have now. Um, let's just say I ran out of fingers to count!

I reread and think I came across as a bit defensive about my writing in Perspectives: What is News? It's more that my head was spinning than it was defensiveness. It's a new thing for me, this newspaper business, and how things break. If news doesn't break, then it's a different mad dash. It turns out that my weather story was used on the front page. It was below the fold, but it was still front page!

I never got the chance to interview the 90 year old hairdresser. When I called her, I was completely captured by how dynamic and alive she sounded. Very joyous and bubbly, she keeps busy and does more than I think I could keep up with. I will call her again the next time there's a lull. I can't wait to meet her in person.

The week started with talking to people in the process of picking up their lives after last week's tornadoes and storms. Photographers were sent out to the heavily hit areas and came back with incredible photos. This photo is one I took at a sports complex that was heavily damaged. The park has to completely replace the lighting and wiring.

I had the chance to talk to a woman who was organizing a Military Appreciation Day. Her passion about putting together the event was inspiring, especially since she currently has no family members that are active duty. It won't be long before our Soldiers in Iraq receive the thousands of pounds of everything her event collected. It was a great thing that she did.

Relay for Life is coming up in May, and I did a story about it yesterday. Once again, people involved are volunteers and very passionate and dedicated. Talking to one woman, I almost started crying as she told me about the Luminaria ceremony that is a part of the festivities.

I found that the people getting paid to do a job are less welcoming and friendly, and less likely to want to talk about the changes going on that effect them. Perhaps it's stress and exhaustion. Or, maybe it's defensiveness.

What is more likely is that it is much easier to talk about a passion or skill. If that's the case, then I've met some people that might do better at a different job.

I've found that the newsroom of this newspaper is filled with talented people. It's like playing in an orchestra again. They are wonderful, and I learn from each of them every day. For the first time, I can say, "I can't wait for Monday!"

Thanks for reading!


  1. After reading this post, The answer to your question is YES! My Dad always says "If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, looks like a duck, then its a duck." You my friend are a writer. You are also a musician (I know you still sing everyday) - maybe some song writing will be in the future?
    Thank you again.

  2. I'm not sure about song writing, but I sure will be writing for the paper and this blog! LOL

    Thanks for the kudos, Jess!