Let the Bumps Knock You Off the Path

Once in awhile, I come across something that 'slaps me upside the head' hard enough to sink in. This time, the slap comes from Darren, of Problogger. He wrote a post called "Following Paths vs Leaving Trails" that is the cause of the red mark on my cheek. He found this quote:

“Do not follow where the path leads. Rather, go where there is no path and leave
a trail.”
Darren, one of the main gurus of bloggerdom, found himself with his own red mark and asks that you let it sit with you awhile. His minds takes him to how the quote would apply to blogging itself. Commenters ranged from those too comfortable with the safety of the known path to those who's feet have probably never touched ground where others have tread.

For me, the quote says out loud what this blog here is about. Yes! Expand, push the limits, take the responsibility for yourself and the joy that comes with personal growth.

On the practical side, look at it as taking the path full speed ahead; and when you are flung in the air from hitting a bump, look at it as an opportunity to fly instead of as a chink in your plans.

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