Notes on Changes

"The voices in your head can be sending you conflicting messages today," started my horoscope for today. Great. When did I become clinically schizophrenic? I assure you, any and all voices in my head are my own.

The last few weeks, I've been working on my blog's layout and features. I hope you like it. It's not something I'm completely comfortable with, but one of the things I added was Entrecard, and it has tripled the number of people visiting here. You'll notice more great comments now, and please, check out their blogs by clicking on commenter names and the little Entrecard in the sidebar. Lots of great reading out there!

I've noticed that my blog will show for people searching for "define positive change." I have my own ideas about that, and I've written them up on my About page. Are those the things you see as evidence of positive change? What is positive change to you?

In three days, gas prices jumped thirty cents a gallon! $20 will get me a quarter tank of gas is all. I'm already a homebody, and now I'll be leaving the house even less often. A news headline yesterday said that employees are going down to a 4 day workweek to save gas. Oh, be careful! I can see that as an excuse for employers to consider you less than full time and cut your benefits.

On that note, I really do work hard at keeping my self talk positive. The benefits to doing so, staying positive, are a thousand-fold. How you think and feel inside is reflected on the outside, so not only are you more confident, you appear more confident and capable to others, and it spreads. As tough as times are, there's no sense adding to it by being negative and miserable too.

I drove down to Little Rock yesterday and noticed that there were fewer cars on the highways and streets. It made the trip more enjoyable, but sad too. It is no longer a bustling capital city. There's not a lot of foot traffic usually anyway, so the lack of cars on the streets gave it a ghost town feel. It's the first time I've seen glaringly obvious effects of the gas prices and the economy.

In the news: More soldiers are diagnosed PTSD and more have committed suicide. No help yet for the Myanmar cyclone victims. China is still struggling to save people from that massive earthquake and is now threatening to publicly humiliate the countries who promised aid and didn't come through. An earthquake in Iceland and India, fires and hurricanes galore. And the ever continuing sagas of our comical political process and the angst in the Middle East.

How far of a leap in logic would it be to say that the Earth is bucking like a wild bronc in response to humanity's stupidity? Think about it. The Earth and its people are one. If one is out of balance, so is the other.


  1. Theresa ,

    Thanks very much for featuring my blog "Caledonian Comment" on your site . It's very much appreciated .

    All the best .


  2. Since finding your blog, Jim, I go back to it every day. I thoroughly enjoy your writing! That said, I hope to spread the joy.


  3. "I assure you, any and all voices in my head are my own."

    That's what they what you to believe...insert evil smirk here.

  4. "want" you to believe.

    Sheesh. And I have the nerve to post something about proper writing?

  5. Uh oh... you're human? (Picture a blank stare with jaw on chest.)

    Yep, them thar voices be mine, all mine...