May Highlights


Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson is on Zimbio, and it seems that articles or posts that mention Exxon show up in his account. Imagine my surprise to see that More Doo Doo Hits the Fan, where I bash Exxon mercilessly, shows up in his news feed. I wonder if he thinks that's good PR for his company; not that it matters any to his checkbook.

May 2 Tornado

The beginning of the month saw yet another round of deadly, destructive tornadoes in Arkansas. My last assignment with the newspaper was to cover a little town called Carlisle for that weekend. Tornadoes strike Arkansas Again, Tornado aftermath: cleanup and Tornado Aftermath: Finding the Path Again walk you through the devestation with photos.

Sucker Punched

Let the Bumps Knock You Off the Path and Stay Out of My Underwear will give you a good idea of how I approached my latest round of challenges in my personal life. I'm so glad I'm a positive person.


NCAApHC's May 10 horse show was both chaotic and fun. I announced during the second half of the show, and was able to meet and talk with quite a few people. The next weekend, we had the pleasure of a free reining clinic that had all that was needed to get a Well Trained Horse.

Helping Hand

The news was filled with more disasters, unimaginable pandemonium, on top of the increasing struggle to weather gas and food prices. That news, those photos make us all feel bad, and we want to reach out and help in a good, effective way. There is no doubt that you can do much more with someone walking with you as you attempt to understand how so much can go so wrong.

A Bumpy Path gets a Facelift

I hadn't realized what a huge thing blogging was until this month. My eyes were opened up quite a bit to a different perspective. I redid the 'look' of the blog and added in some spiffy features to make it come together beyond the basic template Blogger provides. This includes stepping outside my usual box to begin promoting the blog, which in turn, gives more purpose and value to what I write. Take a look at my list of Interesting Blogs at the bottom of every page and visit these exceptional blogs. When people leave comments, their name is also a link to their blog. Give a look-see and you'll see what I mean about the large world of blogging.

Thanks for reading!

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