I Can't Find My (Rose Colored) Glasses

I never wear my glasses at home. When I come home, they come off my face just as fast as my purse comes off my shoulder and my shoes come off my feet. I need them to drive and see that ridiculously fine print on medicine labels, both of which I don't bother with when I'm home. To be honest, there are plenty of times when I wish I didn't see as well as I do, even without the glasses. More and more of what I see, I wish I didn't.

So, perhaps in self-defense, I tend to stay home a lot. I leave the house for an occasional appointment and even less often, a trip to the grocery store. A girl's gotta eat! But, I'll go only when there is absolutely nothing anywhere in the house that comes close to being edible. You'd be surprised at how creative I can be when I don't want to leave my little nest here.

But, even staying home isn't a guarantee that I won't see something I'd rather I didn't. Just now, I glanced out my window here to see a neighbor go to the trunk of one of his many (junk) cars, pick something out of it, drink it, slam the trunk down, then walk around the front of his house. I had to watch a good long while because - he looked naked. That wouldn't be a bad thing if he was Brad Pitt, but no, not this guy. He's got a beer-belly pouch with quite a hang to it, which became really obvious as soon as he walked somewhere more out in the open so that I could see that he actually had pants on for that pouch to flow over. Whew, what a relief! Since he's pretty tanned, I can see that his pants are falling down a bit to reveal the stretch waistband of his tidy-whiteys. Ahem. I'm glad my eyesight isn't good enough to see plumber's crack from this distance.

Sitting at my desk, I'm glad I don't have my glasses on. Until today, it has been really, really dry here. I can see puffs of dust when the cats and dogs go by my window, and clouds of it when the horse does. It's been hot too, so I have a fan going constantly. Said fan pulls in the puffs and clouds to settle very nicely over everything on my desk. I don't see that layer of dust and silt until it gets deep, or I notice that I can't see what's on my computer screen anymore. So, I don't look around the room to see that same layer coating my guitar cases, my books or my framed photos. I can still see that the photos are of people, though I couldn't tell you who.

It finally rained today. It was a very different rain in that it was a normal rain. There was thunder and lightening, but the rain just fell. It didn't pour or fall sideways, it just fell. The sun is just now starting to peek out from behind the clouds, and that makes little sparkles all over. And, I can actually see the grass grow. Unfortunately, it's growing slower than the weeds which have shot up almost a half foot since this morning. Oh boy, it's going to take a lot of muscle to mow all that now.

I was going to write this profound essay about thinking. Obviously, that's not happening. Not today. I am cuddled up and comfortable in my state of denial. I think a long nap is in order. I'll write it later. Yeah.


  1. At least you had rain with your thunder & lightning. We got dry stuff and then the fires came.

  2. What can I say, I enjoyed your description of dust clouds... Makes me feel a certain connection with you, I'm sure you understand. Even though in these here parts of the world, the rain is falling and higher up it's snowing, I can relate. Sometimes I wish I was still living by myself, so I didn't need to go shopping until the last grain of rice was eaten from the cupboards. Of course, every time I did go shopping I had to reward myself with a good slab of chocolate, which didn't last long I tell ya.

  3. Do start soon with your profound essay about thinking. I am looking forward to reading it.

  4. Well, I wrote the essay about thinking, but I don't think it's profound. But, it just may be helpful!