The Hawg Thinks I'm Kick-Ass

You is looking at a kick-ass blogger! Ah, I've been called many things before, many-a times, but never one that gave me a reason to take it like a... take it like a....um... blogger!

Hawg, over at The Natural State Hawg, has presented me with the dandy, the infamous, the illustrious, Kick-Ass Blogger Award.  The funny thing is, he even came up with reasons to present A Bumpy Path and I for this award.  Oh, I blush to read these words:
Very astute observations and commentary from another Arkansan. Did you know she was a singer in a band and is highly educated and articulate? Although Theresa is technically a carpetbagger in these parts, she's proud to call Arkansas home and she does her adopted state proud. Very entertaining blog and one of those on The Hawg's "must see" list.
He's such a doof! You don't have to agree with his opinions, but The Natural State Hawg will keep you rolling, and you should check out that ol' lawyer's points of view.  Boy, was he ever pissed when he learned that Budweiser is no longer an American beer!  And, he's the self-proclaimed best ever cat namer.  You can't pass that up.

Now a member of its ranks and listed on the list of Kick-Ass Bloggers, I now pass the honor on to:
  1. Functional Shmunctional Grandy has a way of turning the mundane into so much more!
  2. So Now What? This is the Monkey's place to call it like he sees it with his usual sharp keenness.
  3. My Dear Hard Drive Sebbie talks about the cool, the beautiful, the strange, the common and the not so common.
  4. My Sweet Haven Another fellow Arkansan, Jenn talks about her new life and job here in Little Rock.
  5. Pamibe From the Sunshine State, Pam talks about the antics of her dog Brea, along with politics, religion, kids... life in general.
You'll recognize all these people as a regular reader of A Bumpy Path as they've left numerous comments and are part of quite a few great discussions here.  They've made my bumpy path quite a bit more comfy and home-like.  I can't think of a better way to honor our friendship than by calling them Kick-Ass Bloggers!


  1. Jeesh, were you sitting there waiting for me to hit the publish button???? You're a hoot, Hawg!

  2. ...and thank you so much for this award!

  3. Oh wow, I certainly didn't expect this! I am soo flattered. I feel I haven't gotten my blog together yet and this is so cool! Thank you Theresa, you would have been on the top of my list to give the award to.

  4. Wow, thank you so much, Theresa! :D

  5. Sebbie, your blog is great! You've more than earned the award.

    Pam, you bring things alive and real, and I really enjoy reading your blog.

    All of the blogs I chose have more than earned recognition in my book! I don't hesitate to recommend all of you.

  6. Wait...do I now have to kiss your ass because you kick ass? No? Cool! ;)

    Thanks for the sweet award...you know I'm going to have fun with this one. :D

  7. Grandy, you know I think the world of you, but you had better NOT kiss my ass! No no no!

    I figured you'd have fun with it. I sure did!