Today is a Strange Day

Did you ever have one of those days where everything just seems strange? Today is not even half over, and it has been strange. Makes me want to go hide or something.

It started off normally, as far as my days go. I was out of horse feed, so my horse is angry at me, or so it seems, for not getting his breakfast. Ah, the joys of spoiling a horse silly. As much as I didn't want to go out into the sweltering heat, I had to go, so killed a few birds with one stone. Yep, I went shopping!

I came home with one of these Omnitech Flexible Keyboards. (No, it's not a paid review!) It comes in this little plastic, round can, and with a $10 price tag, I just couldn't resist! It's made out of silicone, and boy is it ever cool. I can't help it, I'm a Star Trek fan from way back, and strange gadgets just do something for me. In my defense, I did need a new keyboard since of a lot of the keys on my old one were sticking. I didn't get pink, but a neon blue color.

So, of course I'm going to sit down and write something, anything, just to test out this new ...thing. Scanning through the headlines for ideas, that's when it hit me that today is just a plain old weird day. Here's this weird keyboard, that is working so far by the way, and I run into these very, very strange headlines. Not in the Odd News, but right along with the rest of the headlines they're trying to convince us all is news...

DNA Test to Study Mummy Fetuses in King Tut Tomb. Now, they found these two female fetuses in the tomb way back in 1922. They are estimated to be 5 to 7 months along in the gestational cycle, and will undergo testing to see if they are related to each other and King Tut. Since King Tut was a king at age 12 and died mysteriously at age 19, I guess they're wondering if he was old enough to know about the Birds and the Bees.

Staying with the theme of messing around with famous dead people, "Country Stars Duet with Elvis on Christmas CD" is the next in line for weird articles. "They say it's the late icon's first duets album and the first Christmas compilation of its kind." If Elvis didn't do duets when he was alive, at least on his 1957 Christmas album, why have him "do" one now? They want to keep Elvis alive, enhance his image. Right. Good try.

Moving away from dead people, but staying with the bizarre theme is "Woman Riding a Donkey Fights Off Lion with Machete." The whole story is right there in the headline. This 500 pound lion goes after the donkey's legs, and the woman whacks at it until it runs away to eat two dogs and a pig before it is sedated and caught. I find this strange. No mention whatsoever about the fate of the donkey.

It must be a slow, slow news day if those stories are 'headlines,' but it is a nice change. They are all bizarre, but so is this strangle little keyboard. I guess they go hand in hand.

Well, it's time to head outside to see if my horse will "talk" to me again...


  1. Those definitely were some odd headlines, I must have missed them focusing on the hot topic in WI, Brett Favre.
    So, how are you liking the keyboard?

  2. Cool looking keyboard, have to keep my eye open for those.

    Here via Entrecard.

  3. Want to get one of them thar keyboards. Well, not pink -- some color that's good and manly, you know?

    Wonder if they make them in black, beige or Skoal spit brown? ;)

    The Natural State Hawg

  4. Head on out to Staples, Ethan. They are on a cardboard display up front. I got a blue one, and I did see black ones there. I opted for the blue for a change. I have yet to know how well this thing will hold out, but it seems to handle 'heavy fingers' (I learned to type on a manual typewriter) just fine. It's strange - it's like playing an air piano.

    Um, Skoal brown? I think they were out of that color when I was there...

  5. I have that one too and I've been using it for almost a month now... so far it's still in good condition.. and I just love pressing it's buttons... http://dannica-nicole.blogspot.com/2008/06/davao-bloggers-party-2008.html

  6. We need these keyboards at my wifes office the girls there are always breaking them by spilling coffee on them or in other ways. I wonder if they can hold up to the kind of daily punishment they would receive in an accounting office.

  7. I"m assuming the horse got food too? ;-)

  8. Oh my, yes, Odin got his feed too! I would not like to see him miss TWO meals in one day, oh no. My friend always says, "what, do you think he'd shrink down to normal if he missed a meal or two?"

    I have a funny feeling that this cheap, cool little keyboard will last longer than any of the others I've had. It would be interesting to try it out in an office situation. I'm at my computer all day long, so it isn't really getting a walk in the park with me, if you know what I mean. So far, I haven't found any weaknesses in it at all.

  9. Hi there - bummer - I just hit Staples last night, and I want one... Kids and keyboard... But, I did see the Staples add for next week - more free and cheap school stuff so maybe I can grab it then!!