I Just Had an Amazing...

...and long bout of sneezing, but that's besides the point.

...email, then phone call from a great friend. She worried that I had been blown away by Hurricane Gustav or something equally as tragic. I hadn't been emailing or posting here, so she thought the worst. Oh, I'm OK. Just a bit under the weather is all. No pun intended.

...epiphany after reading "The Conventions are Over, So Now What?" that it really doesn't matter who gets elected, it will still be S-S-D-D. (Stephen King readers will know what that means right away, but if he's not one of your favorite authors, that means "same-shit-different-day.") As detached from reality as politicians are, the only thing they're responsible for is making sure laws don't apply to businesses; and when have you ever heard of a business being socially or globally responsible?

...conversation with my son this morning. His generation as a whole may be dark, dreary and hopeless, but I don't think I've ever seen as much creativity and talent all at one time in one place. We, the now aging Baby Boomers, might've screwed things up big time, but his generation is the one capable of untangling it all. Whew! There is hope!

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