Fall is in the Air

I usually do a synopsis of the previous month, but I'd rather just keep September out of my rearview mirror and thank my top Entrecard visitors:


  1. hi there, that's a nice combination of colors, we can just be in awe of how nature paints!

    Would you take time out for an award? i love this blog! Please check my site, though it has no logo yet...to follow, but if you know how, then you can move on.

  2. Hi Mom! You didn't leave any way for me to find you! I'll go on a hunt and see what I can find.

    I love the colors out there now too!

  3. Oh? isn't it that when i post a comment, you have my url? Anyway, i'm advertising on this site, and here is the award post: http://mom811.com/2008/09/29/i-love-your-blog-says-my-very-own/....hmmm i hope this is enough for you to trace me? :)

    Happy blogging, and God bless you!