Just Had to Do It

I couldn't help myself. It was driving me battier than usual looking at the same thing for so long. So, I jumped into the deep end and chose a new template for A Bumpy Path that has very little built-in changeability, which means that every tweak that needs tweaking involves tweaking the code. What a challenge!

What do you think of the new look? Would you let me know if you run into anything that doesn't work?


  1. Very fresh and clean; I like it! I go between something like this and a graphics heavy theme like I have at beannachd right now every once in a while... change is good! ;)

  2. That's what drew me to this template too, that it's fresh, clean, and more open feeling. It is such a huge chore to change!

    You have great looking blogs, and both are unique, Pam. I'd have to say your blogs were a big inspiration for me to take the leap and make the change!

  3. the new look is nice. Easy to read too.

    I am such a first born perfectionist, that when I first started blogging, I spent hours and hours playing with the template and sidebars. Oh I hated it!

    I am not overly familiar with code, so I had a rough time with it. Thank goodness for such a smart, techie wife! (Who is very patient!)

  4. Thanks, Paul. I like it too. I've spent, oh, about 8 hours on this template. I had to tweak everything from the background image to the font sizes, and I see a few more things I'd like to have a little different to bring things together better.

    Yep, your wife does a good job with your blog!

  5. I think this template looks great. I recently made a change with mine also, but I'm not sure if I will keep it yet. I'm hoping to run across something I like better, but change is good I agree with the other commenter.

  6. Oh, I love messing with the template! I love the challenge of getting everything to come together.

    Hey, I like the changes you've done to yours too! It's a great color scheme and easy on the eyes!

  7. I like it so much. It looks so polished and professional. Great Job :)