Hang Onto Your Drawers

Don't even get a wild hair going and think that I'm making light of cancer, because I'm not. What I do want to point out with this image is that it makes a good point. A very good point.

I know we're all looking at a huge meltdown in the way things have been.  I've lent a few moments of relief to help you through a few days ago, and it worked. For a little while.

What this "creative advertising" sign points out is that OK, things are bad for a few, but not for everyone. It will be very easy to fall into the traps set to get you in the next few weeks. There will be doom sayers, fear mongers and all the others seeking to pump up your behind what doesn't belong there.

There is not one single news story that you can hear or read that will have the Whole Story. No single person out there can have The Answer. Step back, take a deep breath, then tell yourself that you will sit back and watch awhile, take it all in, and look for the Big Picture. That takes time and patience, and if you insist on being upset, the only thing you'll find is thick fog. (I'm saying this as much for me as for you, ok?)

Realistically, the System is set up to fail every 75 years, if I'm remembering my college education right. That it has held together by duct tape and bootstraps a few extra years only means that politicos stepped in and muddied the waters and delayed the inevitable.

So what if life as we've known it has ended? We'll have a chance to build a new and better life!

The transition will be a lot easier if everyone keeps their shit together and calmly waits and watches. Good and right always tends to hover in the background, waiting for the dust to clear. And, those good and right things number in the millions, just waiting, while the hundreds of bad and wrong things pitch their fuss.

Light will prevail. It always does.

Photo: Makes You Laugh Cry Without It


  1. That's actually a very good point!

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  3. The Hawg, yes I think it is. A lot of people have been losing it lately, and it's not a way to get through this.

    Khaizee, I know you are on Entrecard and that's how you found A Bumpy Path, and I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. The links to your name you give when you fill out the comment form are "do follow" so there is no reason to leave two other links in your comments. Since you didn't make them "live" links, they do no good for you. Leaving multiple links like that does not improve your ranking with search engines anyway, and I would respectfully request that you rethink leaving comments like this. OK?

  4. I have so been thinking this. I saw somewhere this weekend that although people are worried about their next paychecks, they still found a way to spend $29million watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua. ;)

    Oh yeah...And the exact same comment was left on my blog by Khaizee/emoosic/MP3 person as well. Only he was MrBlogger on my site.

  5. Grandy, I've heard other stories of an extreme amount of wasteful spending lately too. I don't understand it.

  6. A very valid point indeed. It shifted the focus directly to the 40 millions and everyone will be thinking, "I'll be the 40 millions." Previously my focus was only on the 400,000 and how harmful smoking is to oneself and to others. But this is not the whole truth; the whole truth is the other 40 millions are just doing fine. Great thing to point out. Have a great weekend!