Photos by the Light of the Moon


It's almost like there is something a bit odd about the moon coming up before it's dark. Birds and clouds are a normal sight, but the moon is an addition that doesn't quite fit in somehow. All the photos I took yesterday seem to have that touch of odd-ness to them...


There have been wildflowers of all sorts here the entire spring and summer, and oddly enough, there are even fall wildflowers. This time, they are tiny daisies about the size of my pinky finger fingernail. The camera picks up almost microscopic details.


Don't confuse beauty with brains. This is Chloe, who I rarely get photos of because she's usually circling around and around the horse. She's been kicked so many times that it's amazing she's still alive.


Do you remember A Tail in the Sky back in July? Well, Ethel is still here! I haven't seen Ed at all, but Ethel always manages to stop by to say hello whenever I'm outside.


There's no grand show of fall colors like what you'll find up in the northeast, but all the colors are here in all their glory, just at a smaller size.

Click any photo to see it at 800x600. Enjoy!


  1. Love the photo of the moon. Nicely captured.

  2. Thank you! But, I am humbled by your photography, Haley. It's simply amazing!