A Cure for Swiss Cheese for Brains

Swiss cheese for brains. Yep. It had been getting bad lately, more so than usual. I could lose my train of thought in the middle of a sentence. It made writing a bit ...interesting... and time consuming. Somewhere along the way, someone must've hit my head with scatter shot to turn my brain into Swiss cheese like that.

I finally remembered - at the right place and at the right time - that I was having difficulty with my memory. No, it's more than that. It's concentration and focus too. Yep, I was in Walmart in the Pharmacy department, standing there immobile for I don't know how long, when it clicked. Vitamins! It worked before, so I'd better grab some now and fast ...before I forget again.

Just think about what it's like for a minute. Close your eyes and picture yourself standing in the shower... Wait! Don't close your eyes. You won't be able to read if you close your eyes. Um, picture yourself standing the shower and doing nothing because you can't remember where in your routine you are. Do I soap next? Did I shampoo yet? I even forget that I'm in a hurry and need to take a quick shower, not a long and relaxing one. Driving had become rather interesting too. Heh.

I really need to get some of the good vitamins, the real things, not this Walmart generic excuse for a nutritional supplement. I'm already frightened about buying generic since I found out they are imported and not regulated by the FDA. But, the bank account balance rules, no matter how much I might need the good stuff. So I grabbed a bottle of the One Daily Enhances Memory version of Equate.

I popped one of those horse pills just as soon as I got home. A half hour later, wow. I was zinging along like someone laced my drink with funny stuff. My typing speed increased. I wrote whole sentences at once. Even the next morning's shower happened quick like it was supposed to. What the heck is in this stuff? What happened to all the fluffy wool that's been covering my eyes for so long?

Like, for instance, the sliding glass door had been a bear to open. It became so difficult to wrangle with that the handle broke off. I had bought a can of WD-40 months ago and forgot why I needed it by the time I made it home. I finally remembered and sprayed the door's tracks. That puppy slides with a finger tip now. Duh.

I can see so much better now too, and that's pretty handy. My eyes felt like they were carved out of stone for the longest time. Night before last, I was driving back roads, and I got to thinking I'd better be really careful. I drove slower than usual, remembered to keep my focus on the road, and thought I had made it without incident. About a mile from home, a deer jumped out in front of me. I slammed on the brakes with both feet, locked up the anti-lock brakes and managed to not hit that deer. Prior to the vitamins, my vision and reaction time would've been down, and that deer would be toast.

I have round hay bales for the winter, and they are on the highest point of my flat land, down the driveway a bit. The last time Tim and I moved one into the pasture for the horse, we pushed it; and though the things are round, 1,000 pounds of hay doesn't roll easy enough for it not to be a major undertaking. I had to move the truck out of the way to move a round bale, and sitting there behind the wheel, it hit me. Why not push the round bale with the truck? The only thing Tim could say was, "How stupid." He said the same thing after I sprayed the door tracks too. How stupid indeed. That big ol' bale just, nice and neat, rolled right into place. Duh.

It's so good to have my mind back! Oh how I missed my brain! Now, keep your fingers crossed for me that all the pills in my bottle of cheap vitamins actually contain vitamins. Heh.


  1. Is that imported Swiss or domestic? I only like the imported. It's usually Finlandia because that is what most places have.

    I too buy vitamins and supplements at WalMart. I am concerned about quality and safety also. I usually buy the Spring Valley brand. The labels say they are manufactured by Perrigo in Allegan, Michigan, but it doesn't say the origin of the ingredients. I am going to contact them and find out.

    I know exactly what you mean about the memory lapses. I am going to try one of the memory enhancing drugs the next time I go to the store.

    Thanks for the interesting post.

  2. HI John! If you shop at Walmart too, then I get the same Swiss that you get. I love it!

    That whole thing about the generic drugs scared me, especially when Walmart tells their Pharmacy people that the Equate brand is the same formulation as the name brand OTC and vitamins. That's easy to say, but without testing the drugs, the words become moot. Roll the dice. The same thing happens with all these herbs - there is no actual proof any of it does anything.

    I read yesterday that adults are taking Ritalin and Adderol, two drugs used to treat ADHD in children, for mind enhancement. They are a "speed" and in children pre-puberty, it has the reverse effect and is calming. That adds another wrinkle to the overdiagnosis of ADHD in children!

    Let me know what you decide to buy and how it works.

  3. Hi: I have no business affiliation with him or the vitamins, but I have been reading good things about the vitamins sold on the site of Arkie Army Member, Paul. You may want to check those out. And on his site (and his wife's) they have metioned there is a sale.
    May be worth looking into as an upgrade from the WalMart brand.

  4. Oh, I know! I linked to Paul's blog in the post. I'm looking forward to buying them as soon as I can!

    Good to see ya, Old Man!

  5. Theresa,

    Thank you for mentioning me on your blog.

    The absolute key to consuming vitamins is to make sure they are made from food, and not synthetics manufactured in a lab. Your body knows what to do with food, and best of all, there are no harmful side effects.

    If you would like to know more, read this short educational report, HowSafeAreYourVitamins.com.

    You are much better off to not consume vitamins at all, rather than take synthetic ones.

    Thanks again for the link love.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Before even reading your report, Paul, I can tell you that the 'zing' I first got from these vitamins was temporary. Dangit!

    Here's an active link to the report:

    How Safe Are Your Vitamins?