Random Burning Questions of Mine

There have been a few burning questions running through my brain of late. They're the kind of questions that, you know, you wish you had someone to ask about. Oh, don't worry. I'm way past the "birds and the bees" kinda questions. You're safe.

Here goes. My latest gadget is an iPhone. I love the thing! Question #1 is how ever did I get along without it? It has everything I need for what I do. Email, text messaging, Web access, synced calendar and contacts, mapping/GPS... I use the iPhone to set an alarm instead of my alarm clock because it's easier. Question #2 is why do they think everyone who buys an iPhone monitors stocks? I sure don't, and for those that do play the stock market and own an iPhone, I can almost bet they've thrown the thing a few times already.

Staying on the techie side of things for just a minute more, I have to ponder this one. I use an aircard on AT&T's EDGE network to access the Internet, the fastest connection I can get out here in the middle of nowhere. Question #3 is why in the world should wind affect the connection stability? I'll throw it out the window if it disconnects me one more time!

Now, please don't shoot me for asking the next question. I really want to know, and am certainly not trying to be insensitive. Question #4 is what is Pinoy/Pinay, and why are some certified and what exactly does that mean? And Bisdak? What is that?

This one is political. Question #5 is how in the world can the government so blatantly ignore the people by going ahead with bailouts of both the financial and the auto industries? The power of the whole capitalist economy lies in the hands of the consumer. If the economy would be shored up, wouldn't it be logical to protect the masses that purchase instead of the idiots that squander the people's money? I just don't understand this. If there is logic in all this, I sure can't see it.

Another piece of logic is slipping through the cracks too. Question #6 is how many people in the US own a computer and are Internet connected? If it's not everyone, 100% across the board, then any flack about switching print media to online delivery is moot. That's one thing that everyone needs to get into their heads and fast.

Shifting gears yet again is, I think, my last question. Question #7 is what do you think about nostalgia? Do you look back at days gone by and feel better or worse about things now?

Answer any one of my random, burning questions, or all of them if you've a mind to. Help me broaden my understanding of things, ok?


  1. I know I've been peeking in on you lately, and not really able to stop and stay for long, but her I am...it's late...and I had to come see ya.

    I think the only one I am qualified to answer is #7. Funny you should mention it too, because I just got an email from an ex-boyfriend of about...oh I don't know... 17 years ago. I do get nostalgic quite often actually. I'm not filled with "I shuddas" but rather "I wonder".

  2. It's a crazy busy time of year, Grandy, and I think we're all limited by what we can and can't do nowadays. I'm just glad to see you!

    That's interesting what you say about an old boyfriend. I recently had an x-husband show up out of nowhere, said he wanted to be friends and then just disappear back into the woodwork.

  3. Pinoy are Phillipine bloggers. Certified? I have no idea, maybe someone has a copy of their birth certificate.
    From what I gather, the main enterprise in the Phillipines is blogging.

  4. Pinoy = blogger? I never would've guessed that! It's the main money maker in the Philippines? Ouch.

  5. Corporate bums. I just don't get it either. Pundits say we "have" to do it; if anything to save jobs. How someone else's job is my responsibility is a mystery.

  6. Pinoy in general means Filipino or a man from the Philippines. Pinay is used generally to refer to a lady from the Philippines. As for 'certified,' I have no idea too.

  7. Commentator - It is staggering! Yet I only saw one itty bitty article about the rise in homelessness and it was gone before I could catch it. These idiots are betting on the wrong horse!

    BK - Thank you. That makes a bit more sense. I was thinking it maybe signified a religion or something like that. But it is easy to conclude the way Da Old Man did.

    Maybe it was certified Bisdak?

  8. You can call me, Comm...but not Commie. It could mislead some.

  9. To # 5: Amen. I'm Norwegian, and they do the same thing here, while saying that consumer spending getting out of hand is the root of all evil. I don't get it either.

  10. Ooo, no, never Commie!

    Stine, it's a guilty pleasure then? Just kidding! Seriously, it's only the root of all evil when you have to file for bankruptcy because the rotten credit card company has got you paying far more than you ever borrowed with all sorts of trumped up charges. They WANT you to not pay more than the minimum payment so that they can soak you for every penny you have! Oh, but it's your fault for using them to begin with.

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  12. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.