A Matter of Change

There are so many things taken for granted. Maybe it's because we see them every day and stop taking note, or perhaps it's because it's something that we have no way of making sense of it.

With "change" the catchword of the day, it's worth looking at the word as a concept and seeing just how the word fits in our lives.

We have to change the strings on a guitar, change out a blown light bulb, change a baby's diaper (please do!), change the sheets on the bed, change the water in the fish tank, change clothes when we come home from work, change the oil in the car along with the tire that keeps leaking air, change lanes to pass a slowpoke, change the radio station back to something listen-able after a teenager borrowed the car...

They are the mundane, a matter of rote. Some are irritating, others a sizable inconvenience, and all happen all the time.

Not long ago, I read something that stopped me in my tracks: If you drop a grain of sand in the ocean, each molecule in the ocean has to shift to make room for that grain of sand. Take that a step further and you'll find that not only does each molecule in the ocean have to shift, but so does each molecule in the air.

When you look up at the night sky, you are looking at it at the same time that you are looking through it.

While here on Earth, everything you do effects everything else, and you are much larger than a grain of sand. It's a scientific fact. Look at and through the night sky, at infinity, and you will begin to realize your place, your spot, your purpose in the grand scheme of things.

Now, when you think of change, you will see that you have two options: You can do nothing and be changed by everyone and everything else's changes, or you can do the changing yourself in full awareness of the consequences of your actions.


  1. Deep again Theresa. :)

    Well said!

  2. This is pretty deep!

    Being a natural blond, I had to read it several times!

    And I thought, this is pretty appropriate for the times that we live in.

    We can affect change, if we think outside of the box. Don't limit ourselves to old ways of thinking.

  3. Very good post Theresa and it gives me something to think about today.

  4. Paul, anything is possible, and there's a great power in thought.

    Jude, it's worth the ponder!