Reasons for Antsy Cabin Fever

The one and only day I ran out of the house without my camera and notepad, my editor asked me to cover a story that evening. So, I've been taking care to bring them with me every day now, and for once, I found a reason today to take my camera out of its bag and take a few shots. You wouldn't have believed me if I didn't  take these photos.

Remember the beginning of last week was that huge ice storm here in Arkansas? That was just two days ago that I wrote about that! A good portion of the people that lost power last week are still without it this week. When I saw this little bugger today, I froze like I usually do when I see a hornet, and then it struck me: It's only February 6! I even have flies in the house already, and I don't even want to talk about the %*&^(&# ants!

I looked up into the trees when motion caught the corner of my eye and I see this little guy twitching his tail like he was snapping a bull whip. Not far in front of him was another squirrel that didn't quite poke its head over in a picturesque way, but this one posed nicely. Look how red the squirrels are here. (I love this camera!) I expected to see buds on that tree after seeing the hornet.

But, the most startling thing to see were these berries. I have no idea what they are, but folks, it's only the beginning of February! Hornets, squirrels playing and berries.

When I came home from work, there's my horse standing beside his round bale, but not eating hay. He was grazing! I went up to him to see what he was picking at, and I'll be darned, there's green grass poking up from the ground. Odin asked me to scratch the top of his rump, and I'll be darned (again) if I didn't get a bunch of loose hairs. He's starting to shed!

I think it's time to get back outside! Hibernation is over!


  1. Theresa. The berries look like a type of holly. Is the squirrel a "red squirrel" if it is then we have a few colonies in the UK but they are being devastated by the grey squirrel which I think originates in the US.

    BTW nice pics.

  2. Up in upstate NY, all the squirrels were grey. I'd never seen a red one until I moved to AR. There is such a huge landmass here that it would take a lot of research to figure out what is native and what isn't.

    Someone identified a magnolia tree for me, also something I'd never seen. It's got what looks like leaves, but stays green all year.