The Search for Green

As gorgeous as it looks, it was only in the high 40s today. Still, I threw on a few layers and headed out with my camera. The lack of color has been a bit dampening on the wish to get out there to look for things to take photos of lately. I took a hint from Odin. He will search out and find green, no matter how tiny it is. Good thing he pointed it out to me. I'm well past the point of needing spring to be here!


  1. Even if nature provides little color, the horse alone would add a perfect tint to any photo. The day does look beautiful, but I don't mind the bland gray and white photos of winter either. White, black and gray are beautiful colors too. Don't you think?

    I guess after so much cold, darkness and lack of cheerful colors, I too would be anxious for spring.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. @ Thanks, Pam! I yearn for the flowers you've been taking photos of lately!

    @ Odin does add a LOT of color, Professor, and seems to be the best looking thing for miles around - even when he's dirty and wind-blown! Yep, I'm waiting for spring...

  3. How old is Odin? He looks like he had a good winter and I'm with you on the yearning for Spring.

  4. Odin turns 8 in June. I can't believe he's that old already! Yes, he is doing just fine this winter, but he is looking for spring too. He seeks out and finds anything green coming up already!