Back to Normal Again

What an interesting two days! I enjoyed myself thoroughly!  As promised, here's a photo of the state capitol building in Little Rock. I'll tell you more about it in a bit.

The training was the best I've ever been to. It was fast-paced, filled to the gills with much needed info, and once I figured out how to sit still for hours upon hours, it was a great time. I met some interesting people doing the job from different parts of the state, and I learned even more from them.

What I enjoyed the most was reveling in the incredible sights to see. I managed to get myself lost in downtown Little Rock both days, and I didn't mind a bit. The city itself isn't that big, and it's surprisingly beautiful in a city sort of way. The bright blue sky and the gorgeous day highlighted the fact that the city is very clean.

What tickled me pink was finally taking my camera out of its bag and snapping a few shots. No, they're not good ones, they're not even interesting ones, and that is what I'm tickled about. It's a new challenge!

The photo above is the back side of the capitol building. Oh, I wish I had the time to get a shot of the front! But, this is where the meat of the capitol is, and where I spent the last two days. Behind the capitol is the capitol complex. The grass area is the center of a large oval road with several large buildings holding all the different government entities space neatly around that oval. There are many more buildings of even more government behind this main oval. I walked to the middle of the grassy area and took a bunch of (uninteresting) photos of the various buildings.

Judging by the way the photos came out, I need a decent wide-angle lens for my camera! It would've taken a half hour walk to get around to the front of the capitol building and even more time to place myself in a way that would get me good angles. The challenge comes with the fact that the city of Little Rock comes right up to the front of the building! There just wasn't enough time to play during our lunch. I learned that the capitol building is a small-scale version of the White House, and that it has been used in several different movies.

One thing's for sure... It's very, very difficult to sit inside when there's so much to see! I'll have to take a trip down to Little Rock for a day just to take photos.

Someday. Tomorrow, it's back to my normal schedule. Sigh.


  1. Sounds like you had a good time. Hard to do in Little Rock ;)

    While you were in town, you should have called!

  2. I actually thought of calling you, but forgot in the next breath! One person was telling me of all these beautiful places to get photos around town, and I can't remember those either! Can you help?

  3. Well, I know a few places in LR at that! Head out to the River Market and just wander. Pinnacle Mountain is impressive, too...

  4. Ah, I recall Pinnacle Mountain! I will need directions - or a guide - to get there...

  5. So glad you enjoyed your training and since you didn't mention the other person's driving I'm assuming that went well also. Have a great weekend.

  6. LOL, actually, I drove down myself both days. That eliminated a LOT of stress!