Right Around Sunrise

Dawn is an amazing time of day. The night creatures have already tucked in, and the day creatures are slowly coming awake. This morning, it's raining a rare slow, soft rain with no threats; a rarity here in Arkansas. As it just became light enough to see, I looked out the window to find that Odin had some company. I had to zoom to the max and hope that the low light was enough for my camera to capture Odin's Kodak moment.

The bird made all sorts of motions. His head would go down then back up. He'd stretch forward and then back. I think it took him a bit to figure out which end of the horse to talk to because at first, he was doing his theatrics at Odin's back leg. When Odin turned his head to look at the bird, never breaking the rhythm of grazing, the bird hopped up toward his head to converse. Odin's ear was aimed at the bird, listening away.

The bird flew off, but not until he had flown a circle around Odin first. Well met.

Two creatures so diverse are able to get along without fear, anxiety, mistrust or pompous arrogance.

Why is it that people can't do the same?

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