Be Careful What You Wish For

Around here, there are all sorts of messages on display in front of every church you pass. On my drive home from work tonight, I saw one that said:


Lets take a good look at this one:

"America...." is the only country on the planet with a dire need right now? How humiliatingly selfish and narcissistic that sounds! Is it any wonder the rest of the world doesn't think as highly of us as we do?

"...needs..." is a loaded word. It implies total helplessness and dependence on ...whatever... might be pushed down everyone's throats as a necessity. It speaks volumes about a people so wanton and spoiled as to call their desires needs instead of the wants that they are. Most of all, it is a gigantic insult to every single one of us because it loudly screams that not a single one of us is capable of anything but selfishness.

"...the live..." can only be a desperate hope that whatever can "save" us may not be. Ya think? Here's a newsflash for you: If you're reading this, you are alive and well and fully capable of taking responsibility for yourself! There is nothing outside of "us" - you, I, or anyone else - that can, could or should take on your responsibility. Sorry Charlie, it's up to you to quit the passive-aggressive attitude toward your own life.

"...savior." Isn't it most likely that whatever anyone or anything does for you, it wouldn't be good enough anyway? The world still naively thinks that our current president is a messiah and savior! If that isn't proof enough that faith can't hold a candle to knowing, nothing is. That man is about as much of a messiah and savior as Charles Manson!

Your answers, your truths, your well-being and your strength is within you. Don't go looking outside yourself for something that cannot be. All you need is within you. Take the leap and look within.

Otherwise, heed the warning: Be careful what you wish for or you just might get it.


  1. That used to be my mother's favorite saying. My friend was wishing for a new home and a tornado came along and blew hers down and I said, "Now you can get your new house"--while she was ranting about her blown away house. Not nice of me I suppose.

    Made me sick during the campaign when a woman said that when Obama touched her she was healed. Good Grief!

  2. "Nice" doesn't always fit in with reality though, Judy. What goes around, comes around. I have to wonder why very few seem to be happy with what they already have!

    LOL I hadn't heard about the healed woman. How funny is that?