Humble Pie, Etc.

Like I said in my last post, you have to keep your camera with you! You just never know what beautiful and magnificent things you'll see. "No sense cryin' over spilt milk," as the saying goes.

I keep my camera with me at all times. It's always sitting right next to my "NEWS" notepad with a pen stuck through the wire spiral along the top. The one time I didn't take my camera and notepad with me to work, which I leave in the truck all day, I was asked to cover a story and had to rip pages out of a notepad at work so I'd have something to write on. To be honest, I don't remember if I missed a photo op, but there's no sense in having the pad without the camera!

I had my camera with me today, as always, and spotted this gorgeous, bright red, bright yellow beaked bird. I assume it was a cardinal. It had landed on a wooden fence not far from the trunk of a sappy pine tree with a perfectly neutral background. I sat there in my truck just admiring that picture-perfect moment and kept thinking to myself, "if I turn my head around to look for and grab my camera, the bird will fly off and I'll lose track of him."

That bird sat there for a long time, long enough for me to have grabbed that camera, gotten it out of its bag, set it up and take probably 10 shots before he took off to land in the tree branches above me. He stayed there awhile too.

No way was I going to continue to let the chance to grab a shot slip by again! But, before I could get the camera out of the bag and set up, the wind kicked up. I aimed and clicked the shutter about the time all the leaves and branches hid the bird. The result is above. Sob.

Before the camera could save the photo to the memory card and return the control back to me, the bird flew off to who knows where.

So, my second piece of advice, right after "keep your camera with you at all times," is "take the danged thing out of its case already!"

Excuse me while I go choke down some humble pie... and mop up the spilt milk!

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