Do You Hear Ringing? I Don't!

It's been many years since I've been so revved up to go to work in the mornings. I love this job! It's non-stop and no two things are ever the same. I get so involved in it all that I have to be yelled at to take lunch, and yelled at to leave at the end of the day. Ask my boss; she'll tell you!

Mondays are the busiest days of the week. There's a ton of the back work to do on top of an endless line of people to see. What doesn't get done on Mondays has no choice but to wait until the next day - except for the stuff that absolutely has to be finished on Mondays.

On top of all the stuff needing to be done, the phone rings off the hook. I can't justify answering the phone when I have someone at my desk that has been waiting for a long time just for me to run through their stuff with them that takes all of three minutes to do before I send them on their merry way. When the phone rings, I let it go to voicemail, so I end up with an overloaded inbox a few times a day and no time to return any of the calls.

Today, I scooted out the door on time. I had to get away from that danged phone! And, I had to reserve some of my sanity for the rest of the very busy week ahead. Some new initiative, something to do with a stimulus this or that, is hitting us on Thursday and all next week too. It's so big that my boss changed my working hours for the last half of this week and all of next week. All I can think is, "uh oh!"

I wasn't in my truck long enough to even turn the key in the ignition when my cell phone rings. OK, short and quick call. I had to answer a quick question, then goodbye. I made it home in silence - whew - and sat down at my desk when the phone rings again. This time, it was a long and enjoyable conversation with a long lost friend. Before I could wrap things up, the call waiting dings in my ear with another call. This one is an angry friend who needed to vent. Before I could hang up with her, another call waiting beep and another call.

All at once! Back to back! Oh...My...Word! I haven't had so many phone calls in one day in years! Wanna bet it rings at least one more time tonight?

On one hand, I love it. I love that I've been able to talk with just about everyone I know today. On the other hand, I wish I wasn't so ready to toss my iPhone out the freaking window!


  1. A busy job can be hectice and stressful, but in the long run, I liked being super busy rather than sitting at my desk with nothing to do. The days seem shorter, but don't forget...take some time for yourself too...you gotta or you will get burned out.

  2. I don't do well sitting with nothing to do. I love the fast pace of this job. The best part is the greatest boss I've ever had. She will yell at me if I don't get gone when I'm supposed to!

    It's too much fun to get burned out at. I enjoy it too much. Knock on wood it stays that way.