Proof that Life is Amazing

Karen, a good friend of mine, bought herself a new camera. It's a good camera with all the bells and whistles and it takes good photos. On a trip down to Little Rock, she traveled her usual route that takes her through a mountainous area and a lake. Sitting on this tree is this huge, bald eagle. She didn't have her camera with her.

Subsequent trips down the same road past the same spot and she saw the eagle again. She didn't have her camera with her.

"You need to take your camera with you everywhere," said I, "I do, it's with me 24/7. You just never know what you'll see."

Taking my advice, she took her camera with her for, oh, about a week and a half, and didn't see the eagle again. Not wanting to carry it around or leave it in the truck, she stopped taking her camera with her. Of course, she saw the eagle again. She didn't have her camera with her.

Karen calls me and says, "I am so pissed! You told me to keep my camera with me and I saw that eagle again!" She was furious.

Now, Karen had been hauling around this tiny purse stuffed to the gills and overflowing. It was a sorry little thing with all its stretched stitching. So I suggested she buy herself a bigger bag that can hold her camera and all the stuff she had stuffed into her little purse.

That did the trick. Several trips past that same place and no eagle, but Karen had her camera with her. She sent me this photo late last night. The photo is proof that life is amazing - and worth keeping your camera with you always.

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