Odd Things Have Been Happening

Last weekend, this huge truck decided it was going to try to turn around, right in front of my house. It took several men standing around, waving their arms to help the driver maneuver that huge thing back and forth before the tractor and trailer succeeded in driving back the way it came. At one point, the truck was jackknifed and in such a tangle that I thought it would be forever lodged between huge pine trees and the bank of my front yard (pictured).

I took several photos of the happenings, wondering to myself if it was comical or not, hanging out of my bedroom window, scratching Odin's back between shots. The big truck was amazing in itself. The trailer held a gigantic spool of what turned out to be flexible piping used to pump water from a pond to a natural gas drill, which uses the water in the fracturing process (whatever that is). You don't see a truck like this, or the equipment on it, every day.

Then, last night, I saw this big, bright green flash in the night sky. The shape was like a ball with a tail, and the only thing I could deduce was that it was a meteorite that ignited when it hit the clouds. I thought it strange that a flash so large could be silent.

So, I got to thinking about how odd it is that, suddenly, I'm seeing all these odd things. I can't remember how many little - and big - things stopped me in my tracks this week!

I wish there was some way to have photographed that green flash in the sky! That photo didn't happen, so I set to work on the truck photos. It's nothing to write home about, that's for sure. Or, so I thought. I was certain that those guys never bothered to even notice little ol' me hanging out my bedroom window, scratching my horse's back and taking photos while they were engaged in jacking that truck around. Jeesh, they were busy!

When I saw the photo in full resolution, I saw that the driver was looking straight into the camera! See?

I about fell out of my chair. It's a bit on the eerie side. I had no idea that the driver was looking right at me! Maybe it was my fault it took him so long to get that truck turned around!

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