You Get Change from a Dollar, Not People

Here's my latest photo. I managed to snap it when I was playing with the little webcam on my new laptop. I figured I'd slap it in this post because it'll give you something to look at while I talk about the subject of the photo: me.

I think it's pretty safe to say that I've hit a bit of a rough spot. Suddenly, or maybe it's just because I've noticed, people are trying to force me to be something I'm not. They haven't attacked my personality yet, but I figure that's next. I might be able to change the superficial, mundane crap without much of a problem, but they won't have much luck changing who I am. I find it a bit comical, actually. Whatever will they do when they figure out they're just wasting their time?

Just imagine what it would be like putting a policeman in a clown outfit and a clown in a policeman's uniform. The two might look the part, but I doubt they'd actually be the part. Life isn't TV.

Maybe it was eons ago, but I remember as a teenager thinking that, "if only he/she did this, everything would be ok for them," and I'd set out to help them see that they had to change. You've got to love the naivete of teen-hood! I stopped trying to change my friends after thinking long and hard about how my attempts were brushed off, blown off, or just plain ignored. That was a valuable lesson. Even more valuable a lesson came with realizing I ignored their attempts to change me too.

Now, with half a century under my belt, I wonder how come some people never learned that lesson and still walk around trying to change others into what they expect.

Oh well...


  1. Love the photo you actually look tranquil. I learned that lesson a long time ago about not trying to change people because it just isn't gonna happen, but I did learn how to change my mind and get away from them if they were pulling me down. Have a good weekend Theresa and from what I know about you from your stories I wouldn't see why anyone would want to change you.

  2. Jude, that is such a wonderful thing to say. You just made a rotten week a whole lot better for me. Thank you!