Proud I Am

Meet my son, Tim. Handsome bloke, ain't he?

It's been a few months since he moved out and on his own, and I still miss him terribly. I guess that's just a part of motherhood. He's doing OK, and that's all that matters.

I got a surprise visit from him today, and he came bearing a few gifts! He even said "I love you" as he was leaving! What more could a mother ask for?

I love this kid!


  1. Handsome young man Theresa so glad he dropped by and made your day, looks like your strange trends are turning, so glad you weren't seriously hurt while fixing Odin's fence.

  2. LOL Let's just say I found out first-hand what keeps a horse inside a wimpy rope for a fence!

    We'll have to wait and see if the trends have turned though...

  3. And it wasn't even Mother's Day, your birthday, or another, "come tell your mom she rocks because the world tells you to day".