Star Trek: Origins Has Arrived

It's been too many years! Finally, the next Star Trek movie is in theaters May 8. I've loved them all - all the movies, all the spin-offs... even the one and only convention I managed to attend (where I bought an X-Files coffee mug I'm drinking out of as we speak).

I would flop down on the living room floor, chin in my hands, peering through the black and white snow since the original Star Trek series was on a station that didn't come in well back in the 1960s. I had special permission to stay up an hour late to watch it. The show was canceled by the time cable TV came along, but when it did, Star Trek reruns would be on twice a day, back to back. Can't really classify me as a juvenile delinquent when you could find me glued to the TV at 5 and 6 p.m. every day of the week, now can you?

Then came the movies. I'm not a movie going person. I don't like the fat head in front of me, the perfumes, the heavy petting going on in the darkness while I am trying to watch a movie. But, if a Star Trek movie came out, I was there on opening day.

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise; all were the choice through primetime, then reruns throughout the years. The show, the dream, has been a big part of my life.

Dang, I have to wait another day!

Sunday, May 10:

Star Trek topped the movie going charts for its first weekend, a Time article says it was 'buoyed' by critics and Trekkies alike. But, journalist Richard Corliss, in the jargon of movie critic, makes a gigantic blunder by referring to Mr. Spock as "half-Romulan, half-human, his nature is at constant war not only with Kirk's but with itself."

Corliss, you are confined to your room without supper, and grounded for the rest of your life for making a mistake like that!


  1. I also loved Star Trek way back when although I wouldn't really classify myself as a Trekkie. I'll wait til the movie comes on television because I hate to feel enclosed and people irritate me, I hope you enjoy it :).

  2. Oh, me too. I haven't gone to see it, and just might wait to buy the DVD when it comes out. I have a tough time justifying spending as much money to see the movie once going to a theater vs buying it for myself to watch over and over.

  3. As a long time fan, starting with the 1st one and all those that followed, I loved this movie.

  4. I am also a long time fan. I watched all movies, including the new one, and almost all TNG and Voyager episodes. I haven't seen any Enterprise episodes yet but I plan to. The only show I didn't like was DS9.
    Mr Corliss has obviously no idea about Star Trek.