What an Irksome Day!

That's it! I vote we get rid of Mondays, once and for all. Banish them, erase them, whatever it takes to put the day in the pages of old, dusty History books as something of the long-ago past!

I'm not angry, just frustrated. I'm frustrated with myself mostly, for thinking so much of people that I forget they can also be quite the bunch of jackasses.

Monday started last Friday at work. See this bunch of flowers? It came for someone else. On top of that, I take a crappy photo with my iPhone of a pretty derned pretty bunch of flowers.

Then, all it did was thunder, lightening and rain all weekend. That's ok, I probably would've wasted it anyway.

Sunday rolls around and it's my son's girlfriend that texts me a Happy Mother's Day, not my son. When I called him, he said the words, then, in a nasty tone of voice, "Well, I did try to take you to the movies for Mother's Day, but you canceled." That was Friday, not Sunday, and when I finished work, I stumbled to my truck and rubbed my burning eyes the whole drive home. Pooh.

Last night, I kept telling myself it would be a good Monday. I kept telling myself that this morning when I woke up too. I kept telling myself that the entire day. What happened? One of my coworkers decides to follow me into the bathroom to tell me to hurry up! Can you imagine that? I busted butt all day long, it was 10 minutes before quitting time, if I didn't hit the bathroom I would've wet myself because I never got the chance all day to go wee wee, and this person had the gall to follow me into the little girl's room. Oh, you would never imagine the amount of restraint I mustered not to rip her a few more bodily orifices. I won't even mention that she did very little all day long to contribute to the workflow.

On top of a non stop day at work, I had a story to cover tonight, only it didn't happen because the meeting was rescheduled and no one told me about it. OK, fine, I looked at every shelf in the local Family Dollar Store and didn't spend a dime. Have you ever been in one? What junk! I bet that crap is what you find filling up all the landfills!

Then there's the people that said they would call and never do. Just, just, just don't say it if you're not going to follow through! The other day, one friend calls me in quite a crisis, tells me about it, then has to quick, hang up because she has to dig toll money out of her purse. She said she'd call back with the rest of the story, but never does. I'm left hanging. A few days later, she calls, sounds like nothing ever happened, then blew it off like it didn't! So much for a juicy crisis.

And there's the continuing, irritating saga of the neighbor's big dogs that my little dogs irk into a riot several times a day. Now it's happening during the night too. I sleep like the dead, but my four dogs could wake a hospital ward of comatose patients! When they get riled, there's no settling them down until they run out of steam. By that time, I'm fully awake and unable to fall back asleep. It all makes me one grumpy, nasty, crappy..... Well, you get the point.

So, tomorrow has to be a better day than this one was. Right? Right?


  1. Get rid of Mondays? I'm all for it! I don't much care for Tuesdays, either, while we're on the subject...

  2. Tuesday hasn't started yet, Ethan. I'll let you know if I'm adding Tuesdays to my banish list later.

  3. Poor Theresa I sure do hope this day proved better than Monday. As far as I'm concerned along with Mondays they can also get rid of all holidays they are just too depressing. I'm not sure I could have used as much restraint as you when that girl followed you to the bathroom.

  4. Hi Jude. I'm about at the point to cancel holidays too. They are depressing!

    I spent quite awhile talking with another coworker after work today that did her best to get me to blow off the other's transgressions. I have tomorrow off, so I'll use the day to forget about it.