Reaching Beyond With Eyes Wide Open


My friend Rebecca posted this photo this morning on Facebook, capturing her first glimpse of the winter storm falling on her part of West Virginia. That something so severe and cold and smothering can be as beautiful to behold as unpredictable and searing and illuminating fire only illustrates nature’s perfection all that much more.

The photo was a perfect accompaniment to my horrified thoughts at our recent military presence in Yemen. And to think I thought the latest increase in troop deployments were headed to Afghanistan. I fear for the soldiers in Afghanistan in a way, I suppose, that mothers of soldiers fighting along unseen and unknown fronts in Viet Nam did. The whole thing reeks of slimy politicking, with no purpose other than chest puffing and adding to the ever-deepening piles of shit we’re supposed to wade through on a daily basis.

I implore everyone to take some time to hear the lessons that nature, natural law, freely gives us. It’s time to move past the point where we, as a species, grow beyond not playing well with others, especially with ourselves.

North Pole Sunset

This photo came in one of those gazillion emails floating around the world. Here, once again, is an icily blunt illustration of nature’s perfection, even at its most extreme.

We are a coddled lot, with very few of us aware of just how difficult day-to-day life has become for millions of people right now. Like the photo freezes in time the frozen expanse of the North Pole, so are those millions of lives frozen in a death hold with very little opportunity to break free to return to some sort of life. Some may be able to receive a paltry amount of Food Stamps, but what good does that do if there’s no roof over their heads?

Keep in mind that life is a frozen hell for many out there. Yes, they are beyond our field of vision, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.


Digging through all the photos I took over the years, I found this one that I had snapped with my first digital camera. It speaks of warmth, comforting warmth, lightness and cooperation.
Yes, here is an example of man working with each other and nature to experience the grandeur of the Earth’s beauty and perfection. It is a monumental statement of man’s ability to create beauty and beautiful ingenuity and to come closer to the truthful roots of being.

Instead of war, instead of jobless hunger, let mankind use its brilliance to create within Nature’s Law, not its own piss-poor contrivance of pomp, politics and promiscuity.
As we reach above and beyond, it will become clear: As above, so below.

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