Thinking Out Loud

I once said that I have a 3-track mind. On one track is music. Track #2 is thinking through something or other. The third track is the one that's holding the conversation with you.

Right now, tracks 1 and 2 are dominating, with a guitar hook/intro lick that just won't cycle through to the rest of the song so I can figure out what song it is, and the thoughts are flying through my brain. They all seem to be heading in the same direction, kind of, and since there's no one around this morning to engage in engaging conversation, I have to write to slow things down a bit! Track #3 in action, here ya go!

That's an up-close-and-personal step or two in my shoes. I've always wondered whether this was 'normal' or whether anyone else had a mind like mine to deal with. Anybody? Oh, come on now; be brave and 'fess up...

I've been thinking about thinking since I found the dictionary definition of matter: the indeterminate subject of reality; especially : the element in the universe that undergoes formation and alteration : the formless substratum of all things which exists only potentially and upon which form acts to produce realities. intrigued by what it means. It is so powerful, so foundational and so real, yet it exists only potentially. It cannot begin to manifest in the objective without Spirit or the thought that is Psychic Energy.

Yeah, I know. It's Saturday morning and this relentless brain of mine is proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that there's no rest for the weary! I tried to sleep in, I really did; and gave up at 5:30 a.m.

It's taken a week of this constant thinking on Track #2 to get to the point where I thought (on Track #3) I might be able to focus it all enough to get it down in a coherent manner. The a-ha came with remembering the age-old tenet of "start from the beginning." Of course I had that a-ha moment and forgot it just as quickly.

And here is an example of just how powerful thinking is. While I thought and forgot about starting from the beginning, my friend Burt Wilson wrote about it! He called it "Why I Don't Need Church" and it was published in a Sacramento paper.

No, I'm not a mind reader, and I doubt Burt would say he is either. Not in the way that "mind reading" is thought of in today's dramatized, bastardized, fraudulent way of thinking. Neither one of us has a crystal ball. (Of course, if Burt reads this, he can confirm that for himself!) There's no hocus-pocus involved here.

But, it is real and it is magic.

It is as real as potential matter, and as magic as anything else we don't yet understand.

I'll paraphrase how Burt described it: A carpenter plans out each spec, each join and measures the whole thing out in his head - he has a picture of the finished product in his mind - before his hands even touch a piece of wood to build a table. Potential matter becomes manifest, becomes reality, once the carpenter's hands build the table.

Thought, thinking, is Psychic Energy, and it is the power that is within everyone. Because our 'system' is closed, finite, no energy is ever wasted. Flying through the cosmos, the thought of "start at the beginning" landed in my mind and Burt's. He wrote about it, he brought it to reality while I had not yet sat down to write.

It's a good idea, start at the beginning, and one that is unique to each person. Everyone has the potential to have that a-ha moment when it all opens up to them.

Why not? We all think, don't we?

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