March Highlights

In like a lion,
Out like a lamb?

Like February, March was a turbulent month, but the turbulence came more in the form of wet weather and flooding than current events. Here in Arkansas, the month is exiting the same way it came in - like a lion. I'm sure we haven't seen the end of the flood stories.

Like the weather, and the current events of the month, blog posts reflect as much change as the changing season:

For a complete list of articles, see the March Archive list.

A Bumpy Path took off in site visitors and feed subscribers through Facebook, and the expansion Internationally of readers. It is exciting to me to see even more people read what I write. Welcome to all!

As always, all feedback, comments and discussions are welcome! Click on the "comments" link below, or on the title of each post - that will take you to a separate page that includes the article and all the comments so you can join the discussion.

Thanks for reading!

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